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Will adding more content to your website improve your SEO?

Do you really need to add a ton of web content pages or blog posts to your site to improve your SEO? Let’s take a look

Every website owner will look at their competitors’ websites to see how they measure up. And, especially when you look at competitors that have been around for a long time, you may worry that you will never be able to compete due to the amount of content that they have. But do you really need to add a ton of web content pages or blog posts to your site to improve your SEO? Let’s take a look.

Is Content Really King?


When crawling a website, Google looks at many different parameters to determine where to rank it in search.  Technically, yes, websites that contain a lot of content are viewed favourably by the search giant. However, despite content being king in this respect, simply having a lot of content on your website isn’t enough.

Content needs to be well written and provide users with a good experience.  Websites that contain tons of low quality content are going to experience large user bounce rates, which is a negative thing when it comes to ranking.  Google looks at websites that are favoured by users, and once they have determined this, they will rank other pages from the domain favourably as well.


Quality is Important

But how can you ensure that the quality of your content is good?  Put it this way, if you are thinking about creating a blog and adding a ton of 200 word posts to it, you’re not going to see any SEO benefits.  Thin content that does nothing for the reader is not going to improve your rankings.  In fact, doing this purely to target new keywords will likely have the opposite effect; you might even be viewed negatively by the search engines which would end up devaluing your site overall.  Not only will your website start ranking lower in the SERPs, but you’ll also have zero chance of establishing yourself as an expert in the field.

Speak to a Professional

If creating quality content sounds like a headache, it’s worth speaking to an SEO company for advice.  A company like WSI Digital Ltd will be able to look at your site, and your competition, and provide valuable advice on what you need to do to compete.  Most SEO companies also hire content writers who will be able to create quality content for your website much quicker than you could do on your own.  If your niche requires an expert voice, hiring an editor to proofread your content and edit it for SEO is worth considering.  Again, here you’ll want to make sure that any topics you publish are on subjects that will be valuable to your readers.  Websites that do this will soon be seen as authorities in their niche by both users and the search engines.

Adding more content to your website can improve your SEO but only if you do so thoughtfully.  Don’t make the mistake of adding tons of low quality content unless you want a negative outcome.


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