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Rajiv Dingra, former CEO of WATConsult, launches RD&X Network

The tech network will drive brand, business, media and data transformation, helping businesses globally. The India hub will serve as a global capability centre, powering shared services and technology. The US, EMEA and SEA will be three international hubs

Rajiv Dingra has announced the launch of his latest entrepreneurial venture, RD&X Network — a deep-tech network that will drive brand, business, media and data transformation helping businesses globally become real-time, disruptive and thereby achieve exponential growth.

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Dingra was previously founder and CEO of WATConsult, a digital agency part of global network Dentsu International.

RD&X Network endeavours to leverage impending deep tech and business model disruption across marketing, advertising, media, and business consulting with its unique transformational offerings. An initial corpus of $10 million has been committed for its organic and inorganic growth worldwide.

 Aiming to be a geography-agnostic and a remote-first company, its expansion plans include strategic acquisitions and investments in early-stage companies in areas of deep tech, gig economy, mar-tech, and ad-tech. In-house flagship solutions are also currently under development.

While the India hub will serve as a global capability centre powering shared services and technology, there will be three international hubs in the US, EMEA, and SEA. These hubs will function as centres of excellence offering brand, business, media, and data transformation services. RD&X Network is in advanced stages of discussion with multiple disruptive early-stage companies in each of these markets to join the network and plans to be fully operational across global markets by the end of Q2 2021.

Dingra, Founder and CEO, RD&X Network, said, “This decade belongs to deep tech disruption and every organisation around the world will need to evolve through transformation to stay relevant today and grow in the future. We believe that the gig economy coupled with deep tech will create new business models that are agile and effective to scale globally. The disruption caused by the pandemic provided us with a huge opportunity of building a global network in the new normal. The impact of Covid-19 has accelerated the necessity for businesses to rapidly adopt technologies such as AI, Blockchain, Robotics, XR, and IoT to navigate an uncertain future. We are already seeing early-stage companies at the forefront of this disruption and we are excited by our ongoing discussions with them. We look forward to such disruptive companies becoming a part of our network.”

Dingra started his entrepreneurial journey at the age of 20 in 2005. He founded his second venture WATConsult in 2007. In 2015, he sold the majority stake in WATConsult in a successful multi-million dollar exit and became a part of the global advertising network Dentsu International. He stepped down from his position of founder and CEO after 13 years in January 2020. During his time at Dentsu International, he played a key role as a lead member of the Digital Council and the Executive Board.

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