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Prakash Javadekar warns news channels not to fall for ‘TRP journalism’

The Union Minister of Information and Broadcasting calls for a better way to measure the popularity of news channels instead of TRPs

Prakash Javadekar

Prakash Javadekar, the Union Minister of Information and Broadcasting, has warned the news genre not to fall for “TRP journalism”, which even good channels falls for.

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The minister was speaking at an event where he said that while they believe in self-regulation and independence of the media, there is a need for a better way to measure the popularity of news channels and the attention given to TRPs must stop.

Javadekar’s statement is yet another sound of caution for the news channels after reported how India’s top brands want news channels to stop being toxic, else they could pull the plug on advertising.

The minister said if we look at the coverage of news in the past two weeks or two months, we would understand how low the standard of journalism has fallen. “Media will have to do away with the unwanted pressure of TRPs sooner or later,” he said.

“Yes, there should be a way of measuring popularity but if you air content that ends up instigating people in the name of TRPs that is not journalism. We believe in self-regulation. We trust the media and its independence but the media has to devise a system to use this freedom with restraint,” he said.

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