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Last six months have made our spends unified into digital spends, MVS Murthy of Tata Asset Management

Murthy, Head, Marketing and Digital, Tata Asset Management, tells BestMediaInfo.com that an advertiser needs to do some ‘out-of-the-park’ thinking to go for maximum ROI from upcoming marquee events

MVS Murthy

Tata Asset Management has totally gone into a deep digital mode amid the Covid-19 pandemic.

The last six months have made its spends pie a multi-coloured one but unified into digital spends, said MVS Murthy, Head, Marketing and Digital, Tata Asset Management.


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“We have gone into a deep digital mode. This includes the choice of digital channels and the formats of digital communication. Our spends will definitely go up compared to the first two quarters,” he said.

And this, according to him, will impact the gross sales and purchases on its DIY platforms.

Channel partners too will benefit because of an increase in decibel and a diversified menu of communication.

The brand will further continue to generate more video, voice and vernacular content while aiming to be a far-reaching, fresh and fluid brand as it adapts to and adopts various digital opportunities.

For the last two years, its marketing strategy has been to become a content factory driven by data, which has benefitted its channel partners, existing investors and those who wish to evaluate it.

“We must be easily making nearly 100 variants of communication each month for our B2C, B2B and B2B2B business models,” he said.

Murthy said that the brand will keep leveraging what’s working for it—content and digital—and keep building on it.

“There are newer formats of digital advertising that we are experimenting wherein we converge the entire user experience into a single screen — no switching sites or tabs or pop-ups. Besides, we have incubated an AI model that analyses the sentiments by scourging through reams of information and communication churning in the marketplace and recommends crucial aspects our communication should cover. This is helping us make our gut feel stronger at the gut. We have backed many a new approach and have benefited tremendously in the last six months,” he said.

The brand will be muted for IPL as a lot of its other initiatives are having a positive impact on the business numbers and it is of the belief that there is much head-room to be achieved.

Being a financial product, there are more opportunities to reach specific audiences, hence what is marquee for some other categories may not stack in for it.

Although Murthy added, “The absence of audiences in the stadium may take away in-stadium properties but could give a fillip to on-screen advertising. Besides, I am sure the broadcaster and the organisers will create more interesting properties. Perhaps they will see a surge in viewership from online platforms too.”

“As an advertiser taking a call to be associated with this year’s event, one would need to do some ‘out-of-the-park’ thinking to go for ‘maximum’,” he advised.

Apart from this, the brand has witnessed a reasonable growth in Gen Y and the millennial cohorts. Besides, small-ticket SIPs from first-time investors have been increasing month on month.

On the on-going debate on how digital is becoming more prone to violent and fake content, he said the discretion is always on the advertiser.

“Every medium is susceptible to getting dented. One needs to have a clear mandate on where and by whom will you want your brand to be seen with. I think the choice is whether you want to chase eyeballs or content. The latter also is a surrogate for the taste your customers have. In my view, discretely choosing content is the way, for both media have a role to play.”

However, for the brand, digital and outdoor do the job when it comes to reach and deep dive into specific markets.


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