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Free effective ways to market yourself online

Remember that your personal image is closely connected to your business. Do not make a mistake that would lead to damaging your professional integrity

It does not matter if you are an entrepreneur that works alone, you run a business, or you are just an employee. In absolutely all cases you have to properly market yourself. Obviously, there are countless paid ways to make this happen. However, not all businessmen have a budget for self-marketing.

Fortunately, there are also free ways to improve your presence in the industry. The following effective ones are presented by the official Peter Kent Consulting blog.


Start writing

If you want to build credibility and let people know you, writing and sharing thoughts is a great way to do it. You do not even need to build a blog to do it since you could always publish on LinkedIn or Medium. Also, you can submit articles to newspapers and industry online platform. Basically, the goal is to become searchable and make people aware of you.


Get quoted by others

Journalists and several other writers like including expert quotes in order to bolster the argument they are making. If you are the expert that is quoted, it helps your image and brand influence. You become recognized by others and you get to widen your impact and exposure.

In order to prove that you have the expertise, you can do it through writing and personal experience. Journalists will find people to quote with the use of the internet and identify those that are knowledgeable. This might be you.

Take advantage of your email address

Chances are, you communicate with dozens of people via email. Take advantage of this. Share your writing and include your signature. Inside that signature, make sure that you add a link to a site where your work is published or your most recent article. Email can easily help you to prove that you have an impact and you are knowledgeable through that simple link.

Take advantage of social media

Your impact can be demonstrated on social media. Countless social platforms exist, with Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn being the most popular among business professionals. By sharing content on social media, you can reach a wider audience, a different one than the one that you have access through with direct email.

Share articles and writing, especially articles in large publications where you were quoted. Also, make sure you share thoughts on the most important news stories in the industry.

Public speaking

Look for opportunities to share thoughts and expertise. Consider the main topics that you can speak about and see who needs something like this. Speaking can be done at real-world events but it is also possible online. The simplest way to start your public speaking adventure is to record YouTube videos. You can also be a guest for industry webinars.

As a very simple example, lawyers speaking at ABA events enjoy an instant exposure boost. Look for great speaking opportunities you can take advantage of. You will quickly figure out that there are more than you might think.

Remember that your personal image is closely connected to your business. Do not make a mistake that would lead to damaging your professional integrity.

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