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ET Magazine’s Sruthijith KK likely to join Mint as Editor

KK has reportedly stepped down from ET Magazine, sources told

Sruthijith KK

Sruthijith KK (SK) has reportedly stepped down from ET Magazine and is likely to join Mint as the Editor, sources in the industry informed He had joined ET Magazine as Editor in 2018. He will replace Vinay Kamat who stepped down as Editor in September 2020.

We tried reaching out to SK, but haven’t heard from him yet.

HT Media CEO Praveen Someshwar in an internal email to his staff on November 17, 2020, announced SK’s joining.

“I am pleased to announce the appointment of Sruthijith KK (SK) as the Editor in Chief of Mint, and delighted to share that a Mint alumnus is returning to the newsroom as its editor. SK worked as a copy editor, part of Mint’s founding team when the paper launched in 2007 and subsequently also as the paper’s media reporter,” Someshwar wrote.

SK has worked in varied environments and possesses newsroom leadership experience across print and digital. He has been at the helm of publications such as, The ET Magazine, India editions of HuffPost and Quartz. He also worked at Apple Inc as India App Store Editor.

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