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Enjoy a thrilling adventure of the mind, says Lifelong in new spot

Centrick shows Lifelong massagers as teleportation devices in the film. A website has also been launched following Kalki Koechlin becoming the face of their home and kitchen products

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Centrick’s new film is inspired by insights from everyday life, and positions Lifelong massagers as teleportation devices. After a good massage, we wake up, having lost track of time, space, and are left with a sense of peace.

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The ad film stars Vinay Pathak as the main protagonist, who captivatingly narrates the adventures of a typical Indian family, as they sit back and enjoy massagers made by Lifelong, at home. Catering to every Indian, this multilingual ad will be heavily promoted across digital media in the coming days.

Centrick will also handle the digital media duties as the brand aims to spend heavily over the next three months to grow the category itself. 

Prerna Nagpal, Head of Marketing, Lifelong Online Retail, said, “Massagers cater to a niche segment of the market, the idea with this campaign is to grow this category and establish Lifelong as a market leader in this segment. Centrick’s idea of teleportation devices fitted just right with the objective of the brand. When we get a massage, it’s that feeling of ‘bliss’ that actually transports us far from our reality. Some doze off, some snooze, and some are just left thoughtless for those few precious moments and hence this insight fits perfectly, while the script captures it beautifully. It’s a very relatable concept for people, as everyone at some given point has felt this way while getting a massage.”

Roy Menezes, Partner and Chief Creative Officer, Centrick, said, “Be it under a tree, in the comfort of your home or at an exclusive spa resort, a massage always takes you on a journey, miles away from reality, letting you escape to relive cherished memories, daydream or just bask in the lap of luxury. While you experience a thrilling adventure of the mind, these massagers secretly work their magic on your aches and pains.  The general consensus of 2020 has also been to be anywhere but here. No pandemic, no endless working from home, no isolation, simply no worries. Hence when we tried out the massagers in office, that’s exactly what happened and we decided to centre the story around this subliminal experience, making massagers teleportation devices.”

This product launch comes right on the back of their newly launched website and Kalki Koechlin becoming the face of their home and kitchen products. 

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