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Clarity of vision is a need to succeed in every goal, says in new spot

The ‘NazarGhati, DurghatnaGhati’ campaign makes for entertaining viewing, combining the spirit of cricket with the significance of clarity of vision. It features licensed real cricket footage, courtesy BCCI, to support the campaign’s concept

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This IPL season,, an online retailer of premium quality and stylish eyewear, has captured some exceptional cricketing moments to introduce its new campaign ‘NazarGhati, DurghatnaGhati’, picking on the pulse of cricket lovers.

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The campaign makes for entertaining viewing coupled with a message, beautifully combining the spirit of cricket with the significance of clarity of vision to succeed in every goal, whether on a cricket pitch or otherwise. has spun a pun on the popular idiom ‘Nazar Hati, Durghatna Ghati’, to come up with a pop culture-inspired, meme-fuelled campaign.

As Covid-19 shows no signs of abating, shoots for any visual content are truly a challenge. Innovating in such times, pulls off a first, featuring licensed real cricket footage, courtesy BCCI, to showcase the campaign concept. In its latest series of ads, Lenskart.complays on the word ‘Ghati’ to represent its dual meanings — (1) to decrease and (2) event, to portray the concept of hampered vision leading to mishaps.

These videos have garnered million organic views and more than 20,000 shares on Instagram already. The campaign, ‘NazarGhati, DurghatnaGhati’, addresses the major issue of how loss/diminished vision can lead to many mishaps in real-life.

Missing a crucial catch or mixing up at the stumps can be construed as parallel circumstantial comparisons with real-life situations, emphasising the need for preventing disasters or mistakes by having clarity of purpose with the right vision.

The era of ‘new normal’ has significantly increased the screen time for everyone; be it for entertainment and leisure or official work and now for watching the famed IPL. This has led to increased strain to the eyes and resultant damage as well. has introduced anti-glare computer glasses that are certain to be the hottest trend due to work from home scenario and screen time usage.’s new range of anti-glare computer glasses, ‘BLU’, effectively protects the harmful blue rays emitted by digital devices and creating a protective barrier between the eyes and the screens. The glasses are available in zero power as well as prescription.

All products are created with cutting-edge innovation in form and function, delivered through high-performance material and revolutionary technology. The product lines amalgamate exemplary durability, flexibility and corrosion free performance with coolest, trendiest styles for more comfortable gadget use and prevention of eye strain and insomnia.

Hitesh Malhotra, Chief Marketing Officer,, said, "We have always connected with our fans through authentic, credible communication but keeping it light and fun. For our fans watching IPL, who we absolutely want to indulge and enjoy the game in spite of the extended hours of viewing, the campaign will serve us a quirky reminder to team up with Blu, which shall make for safer, easy viewing. The campaign received an overwhelming response from our fans and patrons and our passion for innovation in vision stands vindicated."

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