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Aaj Tak enters the Bengal market with its first regional language digital extension of the megabrand

The digital format of Aaj Tak Bangla will showcase exclusive content in Politics, Literature, Sports, Technology and Entertainment for its visitors

Aaj Tak today announced the launch of its digital extension in Bangla -

Aaj Tak said in a press statement that its digital powerhouse already boasts over 85 million unique visitors. “The digital Bangla edition will be the first regional offering of the most popular news brand in India. Leveraging two decades of a strong legacy, the digital format of Aaj Tak Bangla will showcase exclusive content in Politics, Literature, Sports, Technology and Entertainment for its visitors, making it a seamless signature experience with the parent brand,” the statement said.

The digital edition unveiling comes at a time when West Bengal is gearing up for its biggest political festival next year- the Assembly Elections. The fervour to consume news in the local language during this landmark event will be immense.

“With a strong ideology of being fearless, balanced, accurate and factual, the USP of this digital extension is ‘Bangla’s Glocal news destination’, as it promises to delight the Bengali audience with a complete package in the local dialect,” Aaj Tak said.

Bengalis are known for their resplendent culture, art, love for sports and strong political positions. The state is very definitive in its choices. Many national and international level politicians, artists, actors; authors, musicians, sportsmen have basked in the glory of the State and added to it. To capture the attention of such an eclectic audience, Aaj Tak Bangla will bring varied content on its platform. Content categories will range from city specific news from all regions of Bengal along with verticals serving news from the world of Entertainment, Tech, Sports, Education, Utility, Crime among others.

Kalli Purie, Vice-Chairperson, India Today Group, said, “We are excited to announce our first regional language digital extension of megabrand Aaj Tak in Bangla. In the last 20 years Aaj Tak has not only been India’s leading news channel but also trusted by millions who consume news digitally. With this initiative, we want to break all linguistic barriers for the flagship brand.”

“Aaj Tak is the most followed news brand in India. It’s also the world’s most subscribed and watched news channel on YouTube. Aaj Tak digital holds the No.1 position across website, mobile site, mobile app, Facebook likes, Twitter followers, Instagram followers. With Aaj Tak Bangla legacy meets heritage, commitment meets cultures and the trusted journalism is delivered to the people in their own language,” the statement said.

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