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Time for brands to go for ephemeral marketing, increase engagement: Twitter's Kanika Mittal

In a conversation with, Kanika Mittal, Business Head, Twitter India, explains how brands can gain by advertising on the platform. She talks about formats and techniques that work best when it comes to user engagement and the special features Twitter has launched for brands, keeping the IPL in mind

Kanika Mittal

Brands should experiment with ephemeral marketing to increase engagement with users and express its personality, said Kanika Mittal, Business Head, Twitter India.

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Ephemeral marketing refers to content that is short and only available for a short time. It can take many different forms, including photos, live streaming videos and product demonstrations.

She said it was now, more than ever, when brands need to lead with purpose. "No doubt humanity will need more humane brands. Brands can play a bigger role in giving form and shape to users' emotions by acknowledging and celebrating new behaviours," she said, adding brands should make social marketing calendar a way of life.


Talking about how Twitter was helping brands in marketing efforts, Mittal said, “The platform helps brands to be culturally more relevant. It provides them a platform to tap into conversations that are surging around moments, festivals and events. By leveraging the equity around top trends, brands become more humane and relevant — something consumers need to see during the pandemic,” she added.

Asked which categories of brands have been most active on Twitter, she said, that tech OEMs and OTT players have been very active.


New features launched to help brands engage with users

The platform has launched a plethora of new features to help both brands and audiences leverage the service. It recently announced the test rollout Fleets, stories that disappear after 24 hours. Another test rollout available to everyone on iOS is voice Tweets which, according to Mittal, provides a more human touch to the way we use Twitter. Each voice Tweet captures up to 140 seconds of audio. Everyone is able to see (hear) them and reply, even if they can’t compose one at the moment.


“We are also giving people more control with new conversation settings, which let people select who can respond to their Tweet. The hope is to keep out unwanted replies from getting in the way of meaningful conversations,” she added.

IPL fever on Twitter

The return of cricket is a major milestone and fans are excited. While stadiums may be quiet, Mittal said Twitter isn’t. Fans turn to Twitter for Live sports because it’s where they learn about things first or to supplement the TV-viewing experience or to feel closer to the environment of the game as fans on the platform are passionate and expressive," she said.

For the cricket season, it has launched special team emojis, which can be activated by hashtags in English and six Indic languages. Through these eight emojis, fans will be able to show instant support to their favourite team and follow, and participate in live conversations.

Brands can connect with sports in two ways on the platform. She explained, “One is to amplify sponsorship where you can align with premium video content from the top, most relevant publishers that your target audience are already watching. Sponsorships are a 1:1 pairing of your brand and premium content and offer the tightest control over when and where your ad will appear and be promoted to a receptive audience. The second is where the Twitter team custom designs a sports-heavy strategy for partners and brings it to life using a combination of promoted videos, polls and conversational cards.”

How brands are using Twitter during the pandemic

The platform’s average monetisable daily active users (mDAU) increased 34% year over year in Q2. While discussing the latest Twitter research, Mittal said brands that launch (or re-launch) in a downturn experienced 15 to 25% greater excessive share of voice growth than the general average growth.

And that is why she suggested that right now more than ever is the time for brands to leverage the platform the right way and deploy its custom marketing product suite to launch something new or connect with what’s happening. Launch leaders are 2.3X more likely to launch on Twitter due to the launch acceleration that it provides with the influential and leaned-in nature of its audience, she said.

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