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Shelf life of print ads cannot be disputed, says Paritosh Kataria of Care Health Insurance

Talking about the advertising strategy of Care Health Insurance (formerly Religare Health Insurance), Marketing Head Paritosh Kataria highlights the increased importance of print in media mix, especially in its rebranding communication announcement. The company will soon launch a full-fledged campaign on TV as well

Paritosh Kataria

Care Health Insurance (formerly known as Religare Health Insurance) has for the first time, in its more than eight years of the existence, run a campaign in the print medium.

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Previously known as Religare Health Insurance, the company has re-branded itself. To communicate it, it has run a full-fledged campaign on digital, print and will soon take it to TV in the next few weeks.

Talking about why the company chose print as the primary medium to announce its re-branding, Paritosh Kataria, Head, Marketing, Care Health Insurance, “The print ad rather aims to build confidence among the consumers that even after the company’s re-branding, the strong legacy of its fundamentals and of demonstrated performance over the years remains the same.”


Asked why the brand chose print when so many advertisers were reducing reliance on the medium, he said, “As per information with us from INS, print readership has improved considerably post unlock. The readership has made a comeback. Also, you really cannot dispute the shelf life of a print ad, especially in the kind of positioning we have taken of running a front page ad. We have put our belief in it as it was collaborated by undisputable data. We are very hopeful that the result will be encouraging.”

Digital remains cornerstone, TV campaign to be launched soon

Digital has always been a good performing medium for the company.

In terms of spends, the company is keeping heavy focus on digital, followed by TV and print.

“Digital is always on and doesn’t come under the seasonality and will continue to be the focus area. In coming weeks, TV will also come into play,” he said.

To multiply the impact of digital spends, Kataria suggested that one definitely needs to develop content or step into content marketing.

And therefore, contextual content or contextual references such a blog, articles participation in cross-industry stories are an unmissable part of its digital plan.

“It is very imperative to have a comprehensive content strategy which is thought through of the consumers, products and future plans. If digital is always on for us, the content has to go hand in hand with it,” he said.

The brand has also revamped its website https://www.careinsurance.com/, which provides customers of all kinds of contextual content and information around the health insurance.

Talking about IPL as the opportunity, Kataria said the company is still firming up its plans.

“TV will start within this week, IPL is yet to start and still a few weeks away, so we are assessing our possibilities across all kinds of exposure. Once we reach a consensus, we will certainly look at this option,” he said.

As almost no industry has remained untouched in terms of losses due to the Covid-19 pandemic, the health insurance sector can be considered a fair beneficiary of the crisis.

“Realising the spread and intensity of Covid, somewhere it has started seeding in the thought of insurance in the minds of people. Therefore, there is a heightened interest for health insurance plans, health care finance plans. So in the sector, there has been a heightened awareness in this period. Awareness towards health insurance has picked up, where otherwise penetration has always remained so low,” he said.

However, since the data set is really low, he couldn’t attribute numbers to it.

Discussing why Religare thought of rebranding itself, especially amid the pandemic, he said this transition was planned long before January 2020 and the company had its calendar started out for the same.

The company had started its journey in 2012, while launching its first principal and primary product Care Health Insurance, which constitutes about 80% of all its product mix. And subsequently, it had started to develop products around the central name ‘Care’ like Gramin Care, Group care, Care Heart, etc.

“The name ‘Care’ runs like the common thread across all our products. A lot of people started to identify the product name very well and had a very good recall. So we thought why not name the company, which is the best representation of the organisation. With the re-branding, there will be no change in the strategy, positioning, or anything else. All the aspects will remain the same. Everything remains the same except the name,” Kataria added.


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