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Rising Star: Amol Roy, Founder, TheShutterCast

Roy, 22, started his startup when he was in the 11th standard. Today TheShutterCast has expanded from being an app/website and digital marketing company to a one-stop solution for businesses

Amol Roy

In marketing, people get the opportunity to tell different stories and that’s what has pushed Amol Roy, Founder of TheShutterCast, to make a name in this profession.

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Roy, 22, started his first startup when he was in the 11th standard. “I was 16 back then, and was out in the market to get a website made for me and I found there is no reliable solution. From there I learned a lot and then started working on a few projects as a side thing. Soon with the customer feedback, it became a full-time work.”

TheShutterCast has expanded from being an app/website and digital marketing company to a one-stop solution for businesses.

“I think I was doing this as a side project for the past four years. I have loved working with different clients, different projects every day. I always wanted to do something of my own,” Roy said.

He has a strong self-belief that everything will be fine. “I had no idea when I was dropping out what I would I do, just there was a belief that everything will work out.”

Roy said his biggest achievement is that at this very young age, he has built a bootstrapped company, which is now profit-making. “As a company, our client-centric approach makes us very unique than the rest of the competition. I really don't know where I will be in 10 years. As I am exploring a lot of domains, let’s see what the future holds.”

If not into marketing, story writing was an alternative career path he would have chosen. “I love travelling and writing. If I am not working, you will mostly find me doing these things,” said Roy. 

He calls himself over-emotional. “Business is not run on emotions,” he says.

According to Roy, with the whole world going digital now, digital marketing is seeing huge growth and this industry has lots of potential for the future. 

A project named ‘Nish hair’ is a favourite one he has worked for. “The founder Parul Gulati is a delight to work with. I have learned a lot while working with her. I have been working with them for more than three years now and I have enjoyed every bit of it,” said Roy.

Steve Jobs has a very big influence on his life. He says he has learned a lot about business seeing him. “Parul Gulati is someone whom I admire the most as a mentor. She has helped me a lot in being the better version of myself,” said Roy.

Speaking of the most challenging project so far, Roy said, “I had one client who wanted us to make something like Jarvis (A smart AI assistant). The catch was they wanted it in Virtual Reality. It was very hard and took us a lot of time. We were very happy with the end result.” 

Roy says everyone is here temporarily, so why not make the most out of it? This thought gives him the strength to think beyond failures, take big and unorthodox decisions both professionally and personally.

Talking about the crisis caused by the pandemic, Roy said, “ ‘Ye waqt bhi beet jayega (This time shall pass)’. One of my teachers in school used this line a lot and since then I have started believing in it too. This time too will pass. Whether good or bad, it will pass. It helps you stay motivated in trying times and not forget your roots in good times.”

He said that because of the pandemic, he has lost his enthusiasm for a lot of things and it usually goes away on its own. He takes a break from work— and reads and writes.  

According to Roy, humans are emotional beings; they remember things they can connect with. “History is a lesson for us; the world’s best campaigns were those that connected well with human emotions. My only advice ever to anyone in advertising is to think outside the box. You think beyond what you have been taught and try to make something that connects with human emotions.”


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