Pawan Sarda of Future Group brings a digital master class 'Sorted'

Sarda, CMO, and two of his colleagues, Aarti Samant, Digital Lead and Apurv Singh, E-Commerce Marketing, at Future Group, collectively bring the master class to cut complexities of digital space for individuals and enable them to make money with digital marketing

Akanksha Nagar
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Pawan Sarda of Future Group brings a digital master class 'Sorted'

The Covid pandemic has made many people rediscover themselves and figure out some of their creative and productive sides. While the shift to working from home initially seemed boring for some, many used the time to start some novel initiatives.

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Pawan Sarda

Pawan Sarda, CMO, Future Group, following his passion rather than waiting for a better tomorrow, initiated a digital marketing class ‘Sorted’, along with two of his colleagues Aarti Samant, Digital Lead and Apurv Singh, E-Commerce Marketing at Future Group.

With four decades of ROI-driven digital experience, they help make individuals to become smart digital experts.

Sarda got inspiration from his mother, who at the age of 70 expressed her desire to sing and then started her own YouTube channel.

“We are entering a new era, new world. We need to accept the change and make the most of it. I love sharing my knowledge, my thoughts and my life lessons. After seeing my mom starting off her new journey, the idea of Sorted — A ‘No-Faf’ Digital Marketing Master class— was born, along with two of my partners. Collectively we bring learning of more than 30 years. We have a common vision of cutting all the ‘faf’ (no frills, taking all jargons out) out and enabling people to make more money with digital marketing,” he said.

He added, “When I look back into 6-7 years, one subject that has made me feel like a curious child is the world of digital. A large part of my generation feels it is complex. This is what I wanted to address. I feel, once you understand the logic, it’s the most beautiful world.”

The team did a few fact checks before starting off. Learning digital marketing is the second largest search on Google. The pandemic has put a lot of pressure on start-up businesses and professionals. And a big question for them is “How to recruit new customers?” 

“Television medium is for big-budget brands. Print distribution is limited. How does one recruit customers? Time spent on our phone during this period has been the highest ever. That's when I knew, businesses will find a most engaged audience here with most efficient spends,” he said.

While the team did a dipstick among various professionals, they figured out the following questions among them:

*To chase reach or conversion for an offline business?

*How does one do last-mile attribution in the offline world?

*Not sure where to focus— Facebook, Google, OTT and so on.

*ROI, the big question mark?

They took up these insights and built the master class. 

Sarda added, “We also knew that what works for one business, may not work for others. A sense of personalisation was a must. Our master class is built on hacks to create both organic and paid reach. So that one achieves maximum ROI.”

The team has trained more than 250 professionals across sectors like retail, fashion brands, FMCG, BCFI and many start-up businesses and has been associated with businesses such as Aditya Birla, Reliance, Shoppers Stop, Adidas, etc.

Pawan Sarda Sorted