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Lockdown essentials toolkit for digital marketers

Prasad Shejale, Founder and CEO, Logicserve Digital, explains how brands can keep connected with consumers in these difficult times

Prasad Shejale

The current situation has affected all of us in every possible way. Every industry and every business across the world has been tackling the challenges coming their way and trying their best to sustain in these unprecedented times. Comparatively, the digital industry is in a better state since consumers have adopted and adapted to the digital world more for everything. However, that doesn’t mean there is no roadblock altogether.

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So yes, digital marketing also has its difficulties that we are all trying to address in different ways.

Here are a few important aspects and things that, I feel, are essential for survival in a digital marketers’ toolkit.

Agile marketing

We all know that the digital industry is changing very fast. To add to that, in the current times, the speed at which the situation, as well as consumer, is changing has increased even more. Agile marketing is the need of the hour and will be extremely helpful in keeping up with the changing times and also providing a valuable customer experience. Not just this, but agile marketing will be crucial to stay relevant and also build brand equity.

Empathetic communication

Every person is going through a tough time these days. When we communicate with our customers, partners, stakeholders, etc., we need to be conscious of the difficult times and be empathetic. As a basic human value, this is critical in such times to showcase it explicitly and will also help in further strengthening their trust in us. Also, in case of any issues or concerns that they share, we will need to tweak our resolution process and handle it differently. When you understand their situation and concerns properly, put yourself in their shoes, that’s when you can provide an apt resolution that they are looking for. This will make them happy and go a long way in building stronger relations with them.  

Data-driven approach

A longer lockdown period has speeded up some of the trends regarding digital dependency and importance in the consumer journey. It is essential to decipher the digital behaviour to pick the trends earlier. It will help to build a better digital experience for the consumer. The need now is to implement the right tools, define relevant use cases, and start using the data.

Customer centricity

All customers are not the same. Identifying the heterogeneity and catering to that, using the right experiences is very critical. While brand loyalty may have weakened during the lockdown and non-essential basket must have increased for consumers, keeping in touch with the customer with a personalised and relevant message is very critical. A good MarTech strategy is a must during these times.

Focus on SEO

In the current times, when people are taking all the necessary precautions against the virus and are spending time indoors, they are spending more time on the web. Various reports show that the average screen time, browsing time, time spent on social media, etc., have significantly increased. So yes, you need to focus on your SEO a lot so that you can make the most out of the current consumer behaviour. Also, since they are spending more time on the internet, there are more chances for your SEO efforts to receive positive outcomes. And now who doesn’t want that?

Be adaptable with your content strategy

Content has always been important and will continue to be. You cannot ignore the importance of the right, relevant content for the success of any business. While we can continue sharing content on the basis of the users’ interests, preferences, etc., we also need to be aware of any changes, new formats, etc., and adapt our content with the changing times. Being adaptable is crucial for positive growth, and, yes, it applies to the content strategy too. If you come across any new ways of reaching out to the audiences or new formats of creating content or maybe new topics that are suddenly gaining a lot of attention from users, you need to use that and implement it in your content strategy. That way, you will keep up with the changing times, be relevant, and not lose out on any audience that might be more focused on the new channels.      

Seamless online consumer experience

We are all doing everything online these days. Our work is online, our meetings and catch-ups with friends are online, our learning, shopping, entertainment, etc., everything is happening online. As a consumer, when a person is doing any activity online, the last thing they want is any issues, interruptions, loopholes. And hence, it is even more critical to maintain a smooth-running interface for your consumers and also work on providing them with a seamless online experience. When users can connect, communicate, and consume their needs seamlessly, they will appreciate it and are less likely to look for alternatives. Thus, helping you gain their confidence and loyalty in you or your brand.

So yes, these are some of the most important things that, I feel, are necessary in the toolkit of every digital marketer to sustain and make their way through these unprecedented times.   

 (Disclaimer: The opinions expressed in this article are those of the author. The facts and opinions appearing in the article do not reflect the views of and we do not assume any responsibility or liability for the same.)

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