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Conversational marketing — an era of human interaction!

Inderjit Singh Matharu, Founder and Director of White Digital, writes how conversational marketing helps deliver a personalised customer experience

Inderjit Singh Matharu

Let’s start with a scenario — imagine you are out shopping with your family member for a surprise birthday party. You see some intuitive ads of a sporting goods store as you walk by the street and you decide to check out the collection. The moment you enter the store, you are stunned by what you see — empty shelves and no sales personnel to attend to you. All you find is a form and a pen, which says "Please share your details and we will get back to you. Thank You”.

In the world of instant gratification, where customers have come to expect real-time support and solutions to their needs, majority of brands are still using age-old tactics of making customers wait while they are surfing through the websites looking for products or services they actually want to purchase, but justify ROI by the time spent by the consumers.

As a marketer, we are aware that more than 90% of our ad click prospects drop out from static landing pages without converting, resulting in the loss of user transitions and most importantly business conversion.

According to a report, 58% of the B2B websites today are still empty stores. They promise to follow up with the consumer once he has filled the form. Are your clients among the 58%? The average form-fills on a landing page has fallen to as low as 2% today. The days of spray and pray marketing strategies are over, the only solution to increase conversion rate dramatically and improve consumer's buying experience is by adding the conversational filter right at the beginning.

The challenge in the current period is to engage the prospects with a conversational experience that increases the customer acquisition rate that is 3X higher than traditional marketing tactics. Facebook Messenger chat-bots, WhatsApp business integration, website widgets and customised chat-bots are helping businesses interact with customers and make their sales funnel as interactive as possible, like never before.

Why does conversational marketing need to be integrated with your current marketing tactics?

Want to move buyers through your marketing and sales funnel faster? Conversational Marketing helps you achieve that through the power of real-time interaction with your customers. It helps you build relationships and creates authentic user experiences that will boost your sales.

Gone are the days when customers were forced to go through lead capture forms and wait for days to get a response. The world of instant response has taken over with conversational marketing that uses targeted messaging and intelligent chat-bots to engage with the audience when they’re on your digital channels.

When people engage in an easier way with your digital assets, you will be able to convert more of the right leads faster, which means happy customers resulting in higher sales numbers.

Conversational marketing a boon for marketers:

In today's fast-paced world, conversational marketing helps you deliver a personalised customer experience by leveraging AI-enabled chat and voice bots resulting in high conversion rate at a lower cost per acquisition, a better user engagement with multilingual support and a highly qualified lead.

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