Not in 'me too' space, says Pradeep Khatri on launching edtech startup DigiVidyapeeth

The former India TV marketing head turned entrepreneur talks about his vision for his edtech startup DigiVidyapeeth and how it is different from existing popular brands

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Not in 'me too' space, says Pradeep Khatri on launching edtech startup DigiVidyapeeth

Pradeep Khatri

Former India TV marketing head Pradeep Khatri has gone on an entrepreneurial drive and launched DigiVidyapeeth, which means an online college, in the edtech space.

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As the pandemic pushed the education system online, DigiVidyapeeth is placed well to cater to those seeking professional education through vocational and applied courses. caught up with Khatri to know his vision for DigiVidyapeeth and how it is different from existing popular edtech brands such as BYJU’S, Unacademy, UpGrad, Toppr, Next Education and Meritnation among others.


What inspired you for an entrepreneurial drive?

When your heart suggests and mind seconds that you have an idea which may translate into a big opportunity and you think that you can chase it with an indefatigable spirit, it is time to explore your potential. Also, the inquisitiveness to find yourself worth makes you go for it.

Why edtech?

Edtech offers immense opportunities, especially in a country like ours where the curriculum hasn't changed much over the years while the world has gone too far at least in a few domains. We plan to bridge that gap by introducing courses that are relevant in today's world. We strive to fill that gap by imparting skill-based education through the use of basic technology like smartphones.

And why only professional courses?

Textual knowledge widens the horizons of one's mind and professional knowledge makes you analyse the problem and choose an optimum solution over other possibilities. Practical enlightenment with relevance in today's world is the sole aim at this stage. Dynamism is constant and I promise that DigiVidyapeeth will prove to be both dynamic and flexible. Future may have other things in store for us. One promise I'll make here, you'll never find us to be in a 'me too' space.

What will make this venture successful?

Newton's third law states that for every action in nature there is an equal and opposite reaction. Similarly, every step in the right direction coupled with the right intention yields an equally positive outcome.

This is a humble beginning for us at DigiVidyapeeth and I am confident in our vision to provide or should I say make available the most affordable skill-based knowledge to all.

More than us, I think, students, professionals, businessmen, traders, service providers and all whom we will try to reach out to will share the responsibility to make this mission successful. These skills are not something that we want to sell, but we want people to be equipped for their own greater good.

At what point would you hunt for VCs?

Sometimes it's better to be hunted. We are committed to excellence in whatever we do, right from quality to numbers to potential to scale up considerably. I think when we have numbers to impress, we'll be in the hunting zone open to be hunted.

Who all are with you in this journey?

As I said, you won't find us in 'me too' space. Our two young stakeholders are an extremely bright brother-sister duo Vani and Aditeya Vasudeva, who are currently pursuing their formal education at University of California, San Diego and University of California, Davis respectively. They are fuelling us with ideas on applied skills beyond University education and what we learn from our experiences that would be necessary for us to keep ourselves competitive globally. When I say dynamism and flexibility, they are the fuel.

DigiVidyapeeth Pradeep Khatri