This Mother's Day, brands pay glowing tribute to the magic and charm of moms

Whether be it a lockdown situation or normal times, no one forgets to celebrate Mother's Day as it involves celebrating the most precious being in our lives. Brands too are appreciating the efforts of moms and their courage in standing firm like a rock for their kids in tough times

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This Mother's Day, brands pay glowing tribute to the magic and charm of moms

As the extended lockdown is halfway into its third stage, India had to celebrate Mother's Day on May 10 from the confines of homes — some away from their mothers and others in their cherished company.

This Mother's Day, brands give a tribute to the magic and charm of mothers, appreciating their efforts and their will of standing tall and smiling for her children in the toughest of tough situations.

Kalyan Jewellers


Kalyan Jewellers celebrated the eternal bond of mother-children love by launching a digital ad film, giving viewers a nostalgic journey into their childhood. The digital film has Amitabh Bachchan reciting the poem 'Maa Tune Sone Ka Dil Paaya' –paying tribute to all mothers. The video rendition of the poetic tribute features 'Maa & Me' images, sourced via social media participation. From the hundreds of crowd-sourced photos, the brand handpicked some of the best moments captured on camera to be part of the campaign video.

Kalyan Jewellers' regional brand ambassadors Wamiqa Gabbi, Ritabhari Chakraborty and Kinjal Rajpriya joined the campaign along with celebrity influencer Shweta Bachchan Nanda by sharing pictorial 'Ma & Me' memories. The jewellery brand pays tribute to all mothers who make sacrifices and embrace multiple roles to raise their children.


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India's Babycare brand Johnson's unveiled a digital campaign highlighting the joys and journeys of motherhood amid uncertain times. 'You're doing okay, Mom' is a message of reassurance to mothers across the country on Mother's Day, as she does her best for her baby and her family. The video, showcasing gentle moments between mothers with babies, was launched on the Best For Baby channel on YouTube as well as on Facebook and Instagram.

SBI Life


SBI Life's #MummyKahanHain film provides recognition to mothers on the frontline who have been selflessly serving communities in the face of the pandemic. The campaign is conceptualised by SBI Life and executed by WATConsult.

The film aims to appreciate the resilience of mothers by featuring four frontline mother protagonists — Minal Dakhave Bhosale (Virologist), Neelam Ingale (Pilot), Shanmuga Priya T (Banker) and Shalini (Doctor). They have been making remarkable efforts in this unprecedented fight against Covid-19. It encapsulates the rigorous routine that these frontline warriors go through every day, by presenting a slice-of-life situations of these four strong mothers who continue to make India proud with their courage, persistently working behind the scenes to help those in distress amid the pandemic.



LG Electronics celebrate mothers who have the patience and fortitude to let their children become the frontline warriors of the coronavirus. The brand salutes them for always helping and a voice to comfort even on the hardest of days.

The digital campaign #DilSeThankYou is dedicated to all the proud mothers of India.

Reliance Fresh


Reliance Fresh and Smart's #BharatMaaKeLiye digital campaign with a socially relevant messaging urges fellow Indians to follow lockdown rules and ensure safe and vibrant lives for the country (Mother India). Conceptualised by Leo Burnett Mumbai, the ad campaign features actor Ayushmann Khurrana, anchoring the story of Mother India.



Whirlpool of India, a subsidiary of Whirlpool Corporation, launched a social media campaign, expressing gratitude towards mothers for preparing their children for whatever life throws at them and teaching them how to care for all. Through a montage of moments, the campaign beautifully weaves together a narrative showcasing everyday instances where valuable lessons taught by our mothers have helped us become responsible and self-reliant human beings who are #PreparedToTakeCare every day, in every little way possible.

The film features television celebrities and influencers Anuj Sachdeva, Saumya Tandon, Mayanti Langer and Vidya Malavade sharing little moments of everyday life where these lessons make a huge difference in how caring develops within and for others.

The campaign will be extended across all Whirlpool social media platforms and will urge people to share their #PreparedToTakeCare moments on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter.

Colgate-Palmolive India


Colgate-Palmolive (India) Limited celebrates the special day by bringing alive Sindhutai Sapkal's inspiring story under its equity campaign of 'Smile karo aur shuru ho jao'. The campaign crafted by WPP's RedFuse dedicated to serving Colgate-Palmolive worldwide.

Sindhutai, fondly known as 'Maai' or the 'mother of orphans', shares her story from being a homeless mother to becoming a mother to thousands of orphans, and how the children she raised with love and affection are educated and have become responsible members of our society.

Her journey was steep in the problematic beginnings of being an unwanted child, abandoned by her mother, and married at a tender age of 10 to a man older by 20 years. At 20 years, and pregnant, she was pushed to the streets by her abusive husband, forced to live with beggars, and ultimately gave birth to her child in a cowshed.

Sindhutai's bitter life conditions and a constant battle for dignity and belongingness, however, did not dampen her optimistic spirit. Instead, she defied her harsh circumstances by deciding to take on the responsibility to nurture and educate orphaned children and raise them to be good human beings.

In Sindhutai's words, "Not having a mother when I needed one the most taught me the true value of motherhood". She continues to be a mother to thousands who have nobody to call their own.

Several of her children today have grown up to pursue different vocations such as doctors, managers and hospitality executives. One of them has written a doctoral thesis on her life.

The equity campaign Colgate's 'Smile karo aur shuru ho jao' celebrates real-life moments where optimism, expressed through the power of a smile, is symbolic of the optimism and courage people have in the face of life's challenges.



Zydus Wellness rolled out a #EnergyGharKi campaign that celebrates and applauds the superwomen for their unwavering energy. The campaign is conceptualised by Tonic Worldwide.

For the first time ever, the iconic brand has replaced its name “Glucon-D” in logo unit on all digital platforms with name of a mother because Glucon-D believes that a mother is epitome of infinite energy and is the only one who can match Glucon-D's energy.


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Havmor Ice Cream

Havmor, the ice-cream brand in India, has come up with a fun-filled digital brand campaign celebrating the precious bond between mother and daughter. The campaign 'Let us celebrate the kid in our mothers' features a mother doing craziest things around her daughter and enjoying every moment of it.

With this digital film, the brand wants to bring the child out of every mother, which they have lost somewhere in the journey of life.

The campaign has been conceptualised by Story Code, which has worked closely with the digital agency Windchimes Communications to bring the idea to life.



Titan has launched 'Tune for Ma', a refreshing new take on the iconic Titan tune. In this film, the brand shares an evocative message on the healing power of mothers and music. The digital campaign is conceptualised by Ogilvy India.

In these unprecedented times, the brand has kept warmth and positivity at the core of its messages of 'Staying Apart yet Together, like the numbers on a watch and 'Making Every Moment Count'. Leading musicians have collaborated virtually with a new take on the iconic Titan tune for a potent message that connects mothers and music. The brand has asked its audience to capture their special wishes and moments with their mothers with #TimeWithMa on their social handles.

iD Fresh Food


iD Fresh Food's digital campaign asks each and all to don the role of a mother and ask 'Khaana Khaaya?' to those people in our lives who need to hear it, to the under-privileged and needy, to the vulnerable and disadvantaged and to those who have touched and impacted our lives in various ways. The campaign asks everyone to adopt the unconditional love of a mother, and show their love and care for people around.


In an effort to help people express their heartfelt love and affection for the women who unconditionally adore their children, launched its Mother's Day video as part of its ongoing 'Open Letter' campaign conceptualised by Spring Marketing Digital.

The video is a letter by a working city dweller to the mother who lives elsewhere and can't meet due to the lockdown. It expresses the nostalgia, longing and appreciation of a time when the mother was close to her child. It encourages people to share their thoughts, by writing open letters to's Postbox, which will thereafter be published on the company's social platforms., India' D2C sleep and home solutions company launched the 'Open Letter' campaign last month to inspire empathy and gratitude for the people who we otherwise tend to take for granted. The campaign showcases various scenarios of daily life that have been impacted due to the sudden change in lifestyle.



Skincare brand Nivea shows gratitude and thanks all those moms who are the frontline caregivers, working 24x7 for the society leaving behind their own families and preparing kids to face new challenges every single day. In the digital campaign, the brand salutes the caregiver moms who are away from their families but close to those in need caring for them absolutely selflessly putting their duties above all. The campaign is crafted by Digitas India.

Pristyn Care


Perplexed, anxious and stressed are some of the emotions a mother of a frontline crusader experiences when her son or daughter steps out of the comfort zone of the house. With this, Pristyn Care, multi-specialty clinics for elective surgeries launched #ProudYetTeared — a digital campaign where mothers talk to their doctor sons and daughters on how they are proud of them. The campaign captures the emotions of these mothers as they express concern but at the same time are filled with gratitude to their children for their service to patients.

Voltas Beko


Appliances brand Voltas Becko has launched a new digital video commercial "#IAmEnough". The DVC is a tribute to the single mothers who make invaluable sacrifices and embrace multiple roles in order to raise their children, especially during this period of lockdown.

The campaign conceptualised by Momspresso is inspired by single moms — those amazing mothers who have the strength to raise their child alone and the courage to never give up even in face of the greatest challenges.

This video tries to sensitise other members of the society to be kind towards single parents, keeping in mind the varied struggles they face. In a simple slice-of-life narrative, the film depicts an everyday scenario about a girl and her mom, who we find out later, is a single parent, enquiring about each other's day. The film goes on to depict an incident where the young daughter was troubled at school because she has a single mom. The daughter surprises her mother by reacting to the taunt in the most mature way, saying that because her mother puts in double the efforts in raising her, how can she be called single? This is a moment of realisation for the mother, who sees the wisdom and maturity in her child as a result of her being a good mother, who finally believes, "I am enough."

MTV India

In India, it has always been observed that the most common way of expressing any emotion will always unconsciously have the word Mummy or Maa in it. MTV, through its brand film, communicates that it's high time to recognise and thank mothers for all the love and relentless support that she continues to shower on her children. Coupled with some fun, the film shows that words like "Oooo Mummy!", "Aree Maa Kasam!", "Maaaaa!", "Moooom!" naturally comes to us in any situation that we're in. MTV says, Aaj Toh Thank you Bolo and celebrate the spirit of motherhood in the most beautiful way!

MTV Beats

With Mummy's pyaar and daant come her favourite trademark dialogues! Giving a mummy wala twist to this, MTV Beats has created a fun antakshari with all the iconic mummy dialogues. 'Padhai me toh dimaag bilkul nahi lagta hai', 'Kuch bhi utha lati hai mall se?', 'Galti toh meri hai, tujhe paida jo kia', 'Kab tak phone se chipke rahoge? MTV Beats curated a fun video with children imitating mummy dialogues from every letter. On the social media page of MTV Beats, a letter will be given daily and on the basis of that, users will be asked to reply with some cute mummy dialogues and create further conversations, expressing the undying love for their mother.

Zee TV


Zee TV's 'MaaMainTheekHoon' campaign urges one and all to give the biggest thank you to moms by reassuring good self-care and adapting to this unprecedented event.

ITC Vivel


Echoing the sentiment of millions of women who are today juggling the home and office front, while also keeping their spirits high, ITC Vivel's brand ambassador and famous Bollywood artiste Kriti Sanon lends a meaningful rendition to the lockdown blues. A special poetry dedicated to the women in India, nudging them not to ignore the most important person in the whole ecosystem – they themselves.

Kriti urges women to see this lockdown as an opportunity to press the reset button in themselves and devote a little 'ME time' to pamper and indulge in a hobby or a closeted interest, parked away for so long. Perhaps simply taking a break, sleeping, cooking, watching the setting sun, hearing the chirping birds to disrupt the demanding 'work-from-home' norm.

Kriti Sanon echoes the brand philosophy of ITC Vivel's designed to educate, believe and celebrate gender equality, encouraging women to make a choice against compromise.

From cleaning up the messed-up cupboard to satiating hunger pangs at odd hours, to standing as a strong pillar of support in crucial life decisions— mothers are always to the rescue. There's no denying the fact that we can't do without moms in life. Here are few more brand campaigns reminding us about the gem most of us have in our lives.

Few more campaigns




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This Mother's Day celebrate Mother's Day