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MNX celebrates International Brother's Day with a new campaign #BroDaMan

Under the week-long campaign starting May 24, 2020, MNX will feature movies which are the ultimate bro-flicks every day at 5pm

Bro is not just a word; it’s an emotion, a cult, a community, a club, a way of life! Celebrating this bond, Hollywood’s Wild Child - MNX announces a befitting campaign this International Brother’s Day titled #BroDaMan. With a specially curated line up of ‘best of bro-hood’ movies and quirky & fun initiatives, the campaign raises a toast to all the experiences, best shared between bros!

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#BroDaMan is all about kicking back and re-living the insane ‘bro-experiences’ with the mega movie line-up, the most updated bro code, undertaking a test of your brotherhood and much more with the week-long campaign starting May 24, 2020. Under this property, every day at 5pm, MNX will feature movies which are the ultimate bro-flicks like ‘Shanghai Noon’, ‘Hobbit: The Desolation of Smaug’, ‘Double Impact’, ‘POTC: Dead Man’s Chest’, ‘Goal’, ‘National Treasure: Book of Secrets’ and ‘Bad Boys 2’.

Treating movie buffs across the country with an immersive engagement, MNX #BroDaMan includes a dynamic chain of social media and on-air activities, such as ‘An ode to Bros’, ‘Bro Moments’, ‘Bro Codes’, ‘Bro Pranks’ and others which you can recreate with bros. #BroDaMan will help you get your bro-codes right as it will be flashed on the channel and its social media handles all through the campaign. The campaign also packages an interactive contest called ‘What’s your bro score?’, a score card designed basis the list of things you’ve ticked in your bro-ship. A very unique element in this campaign is ‘Got Ur Back Bro’, that brings a curated carousel of iconic scenes from Hollywood movies. MNX also offers viewers  a chance to express love for their favourite bros with quirky tap and tag stickers and GIFs and make most out of this day with #BroDaMan’s ‘How to Spend the Day’.

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Kashti Mishra

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