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Duroflex encourages consumers to explore new skills, wake up old passions for a better tomorrow

In its new communication #BetterTomorrow, Duroflex reminds that our minds can never be locked down and is always free to venture out and explore new solutions and possibilities

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Duroflex, the sleep solutions provider with a wide range of premium mattresses and sleep accessories, is encouraging people to unleash the power of the mind, which is the only entity that is not locked down and optimistically work towards a better future.

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In its new communication #BetterTomorrow, Duroflex has an encouraging and optimistic message for consumers. Even while we continue to practice social distancing and stay in, Duroflex reminds us that our minds can never be locked down and is always free to venture out and explore new solutions and possibilities. Most of us are already working on being better at many things and with the brand belief — ‘Better Tomorrow starts with a Better You’, Duroflex is encouraging one and all to explore new skills, wake up old passions and learn new hobbies for a better tomorrow.

With a world filled with uncertainties, Duroflex has connected with people by empathising with them consistently and offering them support through their various communication during these challenging times.  


When the virus became part of people’s larger consciousness and there was widespread fear in the initial stage, Duroflex sprang into action with valuable health advice on ‘Sleeping for Immunity’. The brand channelled their communication around the relevance of sleeping 7-8 hours a day to strengthen immunity.

When rational conversations gave way to emotional reassurance, the brand stepped in with ‘Stay In’, urging people to stay home because their bed is the safest and most comforting space in the current scenario. Duroflex hosted a series of live sessions from their social channels to help people stay fit and engaged while staying in. These activities included full-body workout, bed yoga and running drills with renowned experts such as Yasmin Karachiwala, Ayesha Bilimoria, Vandana Gupta and many more.


When an extended lockdown was announced, anxiety seeped in. That’s when the brand began a serious conversation on ‘Sleep Therapy’. Duroflex hosted inherently calming activities on social media that addressed mental health as many were beginning to face distress and anxiety issues. Duroflex organised Yoga Nidra, live acoustic bedtime concerts and sleep therapy sessions to combat stress. They also offered tips to help people keep their anxiety at bay and sleep better.

Smita Murarka

Smita Murarka, Vice-President, Marketing, Duroflex,  said, “During these torrid times of social distancing and business shutdowns, consumers often look for solace, which is why we wanted to be their support system and stay connected with them through-out. We understood their needs and pivoted all our efforts towards conversations relevant to them at all times, keeping abreast of their changing moods. Right from reminding them about the joy of staying in to calming their anxiety around it, we echoed their needs at different stages of the lockdown. With our new communication, #BetterTomorrow, we want to culminate their impending feeling of how things will be post the lockdown. We are encouraging people to dream of a better tomorrow and to rise and prepare themselves for embracing it.”  


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