Curry Nation gives Indian touch to presentation on post-Covid consumer behaviour

The Mumbai-based creative agency didn't wish to create a mundane drab research PowerPoint presentation loaded with numbers, and Indianised insights and visual appeal. Part II will also be executed on desi lines

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Curry Nation gives Indian touch to presentation on post-Covid consumer behaviour

Mumbai-based creative agency Curry Nation Brand Conversations recently released a 42-slide presentation on consumer beliefs, shifts in their lives in a post-Covid world and prospective business ideas that are bound to open in the changing environment.

Unlike other agencies’ formal PPT presentations on an understanding of consumer behaviour and marketing post-Covid, the agency Indianised its presentation's insights content and visual appeal. A team of art directors and copywriters worked on it for more than two weeks.

Nagessh Pannaswami

"As an agency, we are all about Indian culture. We pride ourselves in understanding insights to resolve business and communication problems. We didn't want a mundane drab research PowerPoint presentation loaded with numbers that we so often see. Hence, we visualised in the way that's best known to us," said Nagessh Pannaswami, Director, Curry Nation Brand Conversations.

The agency tried to understand consumer behaviour and changes by talking and meeting people and understanding the changes happening around them.

Curry Nation Brand Conversations has clients spanning multiple sectors.

According to Pannaswami, the presentation was not part of the plan as the research conducted was for advising clients on crucial decisions. But in due course of free-flowing conversations with 200-250 people, the agency got slowly snowballed into a cauldron of potent insights and ideas that gave them a thought of document it and shared with the world.

We had free-flowing conversations with people across the states, understanding their anxieties, their vulnerabilities and what they were looking forward. We then put on our business hats and thereon dawned upon us a host of new business opportunities that could open up, thanks to Covid-19," he said.

The documents have two aspects of it, the first 24 pages discuss the shift of behavioural attitude in a consumer, and second 18 pages is on new business opportunities that Covid-19 is going to throw out.

There is also a plethora of more information that will come in version 2.0 of the presentation. The agency is preparing the content of it, and the execution will be Indianised one again.

There is no connection between the 'local for vocal' call and our documentation. We understand Indian culture, which is quite different from being local, and our work was in the process before PM spoke about it.

The presentation is relevant for consumers, brand marketers and anyone in a leadership position, into marketing or mapping consumer or a cultural change.

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Nagessh Pannaswami: Director

Priti Nair: Director

Vaibhav Rane: Art Director

Sushant Ainapure: Art director 

Satish Bansode: Art

Abhijeet Gaikwad: Copywriter

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