Personal care brand Joy decides against reducing ad spend

Kolkata-based FMCG company RSH Global, which owns Joy, X-Men and Karis, will increase spends on digital and TV

Shradha Mishra
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Personal care brand Joy decides against reducing ad spend

RSH Global, which owns personal care brands Joy, X-Men and Karis, is preparing for an uptick in consumer demand as the lockdown eases.

Poulomi Roy

Poulomi Roy, CMO, RSH Global, said, “If we look back in the past, after every crisis, a major consumption has occurred as certain government policies have pumped in a lot of money in the economy to create consumer demand."

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She said the brands would have to align their marketing strategy with the government policies as consumer demand would depend on the nature of push that comes from the government.

However, she said it would be the responsibility of the marketer to convince the consumer to buy products that are more 'want-based'.

“Once the lockdown ends, brands precisely need to focus on showing the value that consumers will get on purchasing its products. Going forward, the marketers will have to redevelop the demand in the consumer psyche with brand communication.”

“The convincing power in brand communication should be too strong.  The tonality, language, precautionary part, advisable angle, friendly advice will all will play a very important role,” said Roy.

Talking about the advertising spend of the company, Roy said the company would carry on with its existing media plans.

“We will be continuing the communication we have planned earlier for this year. The tonality and media will probably change,” said Roy.

The focus of the brand communication will remain ‘beautiful by nature’ but there will be an effort of creating purchase value at the product level.

The brand is also planning to launch a hygiene product in its portfolio.

The shift in consumer mindset will influence the tonality and the ways the brand presents its products to the consumers through advertising or any other means.

For its year-long productline (face washes), the brand will continue with the campaign it was doing before the lockdown. The brand had to drop its sunscreen campaign due to the lockdown.

According to Roy, the festive season is going to be big for all marketers and there will be a special media mix during the season.

RSH Global’s media spends will largely be on TV and an increase in digital spends is possible after the lockdown. BTL and paid activities are included in the plan too.

The brand is looking forward to partner with content platforms and creators for a wider reach.

Marketers have high hopes from e-commerce sales along with local kirana stores. A lot many brands will have their footprint and growth in e-commerce due to Covid-19.

“We are hoping for a completely normal situation by winter, which is an important season for us,” she said.

Traditionally, North India is the strongest market for the brand, followed by east and then west. “We have our footholds in the north. If north gets relaxation and things are in control, then it will be contributing maximum to our revenue. Other than that, we have high hopes from east. We have re-launched our products in the east and keeping our efforts in practice to fetch more and more from the market,” shared Roy.

“Rajasthan is one of our key markets and it has been affected very badly. If we come out of the danger zone soon, we can see good sales from that part as well,” she added.

Roy feels the opportunity after Covid for the brand is its Indian origin. “Being an Indian company, if the products are good, the acceptance of the products will be remarkable in the coming years,” Roy.

Roy said rather than giving discount, marketers should add more value to their products. The focus should be on easy and fast availability of products and marketing on the purchase decision-making theory.

Grapes digital handles the digital duties of RSH Global; creative is done in-house by the brand.

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