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Times Network unveils the national impact of COVID -19

The report titled ‘Times Fact India Outbreak Report’ showcases six national projections and includes individual analysis for 8 states and 4 cities

Tracking the coronavirus pandemic in India by bringing the most pertinent data and information to the nation, Times Network in partnership with a leading global consulting firm Protiviti unveiled Times Fact India Outbreak Report, a comprehensive analysis that highlights the impact of the pandemic in India and projects the possible number of active cases in the weeks ahead.

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Aligned with the Network’s umbrella campaign, Fighting Fear with Facts, the report was featured across Times Now, ET Now and Mirror Now on April 17, 2020, with an exclusive 2-hour long programme that discussed the emerging COVID -19 scenario and its implications with leading experts and policymakers.

Parsed by reputed data scientists and quantitative experts, Times Fact India Outbreak Report is based on three different models, The Percentage Model, which involves mapping trends from Italy and the United States onto India, the Time Series Model, which involves factors in data across time periods in China and South Korea in addition to two polynomial regression models adapted to Indian data, and the Susceptible Exposed Infected Recovered (SEIR) model which is based on an estimation of a reproduction rate of the epidemic.

Drawing critical information from central government data, state government bulletins, and daily updates provided by the Health Ministry, the report is a holistic COVID -19 projection for the nation. The report also takes into account the healthcare capacity of the nation and its states, to understand shortfall of beds and availability of ICUs, in the event of an escalation. Based on a predictive model which leverages verified big data and new technologies for effective decision making, the report aims to empower the administrative authorities to spot possible hotspots, critical gaps and build capacity to meet the arising situation.

The report encapsulates six national projections and includes individual analysis for 8 states and 4 cities. The study also provides a projection of what could happen if the lockdown is lifted within a certain time frame. For details on the study findings and insights, visit - 

MK Anand, MD & CEO, Times Network, said, “The current pandemic disruption is probably the most significant event of our lifetime with socio-economic implications. As India’s significant influencer and opinion maker, we at Times Network believe in taking onus and proactively responding with timely and high-quality information that assists in arresting the adversity. The Times Fact India Outbreak Report is a step in that direction aimed to dispel the uncertainty with facts, ably backed by a scientific approach that analyses the impact of COVID-19 in India and throws light on potential lethal gaps in infrastructure which can be a lead indicator of social unrest and disruption in specific geographies. I am confident that this report will act as an important enabler to navigate the evolving scenario of the pandemic with a systematic approach and help in building decisive strategies to flatten the curve.”

Dhrubabrata Ghosh Dastidar – Director, Data and Digital Transformation, Protiviti India said, “The world is currently witnessing an unforeseen and unparalleled pandemic, COVID-19, a highly contagious and deadly virus. In these testing times, Protiviti in collaboration with Times Network published an insightful study, Times Fact India Outbreak Report. The study is an example of how with the help of data, technology and sophisticated analytical algorithms, we can analyze a ‘black swan’ - in this case a global pandemic, monitor the same on a regular basis to see the various possible paths it can take, and provide insights based on strong modelling outcomes. This will help the nation face the future with confidence.”

Helping the nation to manage and mitigate the adversity better, the Network’s news channels will drive a high visibility content plan, analysing the data with insights and action plans from industry experts. The network has also initiated a dedicated page on with a national tracking dashboard.

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