OnePlus India campaign celebrates a generation that is future-ready, tech-savvy and values time

Conceptualised by Wieden + Kennedy, the 'HyperTaskers' campaign represents a generation that switches between diverse roles. Its launch is aligned with the upcoming launch of the new OnePlus 8 series

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OnePlus India campaign celebrates a generation that is future-ready, tech-savvy and values time

OnePlus, the global technology brand, has unveiled a campaign aligned with the upcoming launch of the new OnePlus 8 series.

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The “HyperTaskers” campaign celebrates a generation that is future-ready, tech-savvy, and values every nanosecond of their time. The campaign represents a generation that seamlessly switches between a diverse range of roles, while attuned to performing tasks at an incredible speed using OnePlus flagship devices.

The campaign “HyperTaskers” focuses on engagement across digital and social media platforms. The social media engagement showcases how the youth today have mastered multiple talents, driving their HyperTasker spirit, and how the OnePlus 8 series equips them with cutting-edge technology to lead with speed and never compromise on quality.

OnePlus devices have been known for their premium, burden-less user experience, while leading with speed and superior performance, thus empowering the HyperTasker generation to push through challenges and hustle towards achieving their goals, by seamlessly doing many things at the same time.

Siddhant Narayan, Head of Marketing, OnePlus India, said, “OnePlus aims to create innovative, burden-less technology to help our users achieve more. With our users today striving to fulfil a series of aspirations in this fast-paced world wherein every nanosecond matters, we believe that the word ‘multi-taskers’ no longer does them justice. With our ‘HyperTaskers’ campaign, we celebrate a new generation of individuals who thrive across multiple spheres of their lives, while adding fervour to our much-awaited OnePlus 8 flagship series launch.”

The campaign was conceptualised and implemented by Wieden + Kennedy, a global advertising agency. The new campaign film encapsulates the unique philosophy and experience of a HyperTasker, with a creative approach and stunning visuals. The film starts with an adrenaline rush and ramps up faster while vividly capturing the pace and passion of a HyperTasker’s life where every second counts. It delivers smooth yet emotionally appealing scenes that users will resonate with while ending on the note “HyperTaskers Welcome”, paying homage to the HyperTasker spirit of every OnePlus user who serve as an integral part of the OnePlus community.

Gautham Narayanan, Managing Director, Wieden + Kennedy, India, said, “This campaign brings to life the connection between the new OnePlus devices and the HyperTasker generation in a unique way. The new OnePlus flagship series empowers you to achieve more, every second, because for this generation of multi-taskers, every moment counts. HyperTaskers need tools that are fast, seamless, and powerful enough to enable them to do many things at the same time. They need OnePlus, a company that has always stayed ahead of the curve with its focus on performance and speed.”

The campaign will run from April-July 2020 across OnePlus India’s YouTube, Facebook, Instagram and Twitter channels.

The Video:

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