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Ads on news television grow in Week 13, overall TV advertising dips

According to data released by BARC India, free commercial time (FCT) on overall TV grew by 9% in Week 13 over the pre-Covid period between Week 2-4. In Week 11-12, the growth was 15%

Advertising volume on television has degrown in Week 13 over Week 11-12, according to BARC India’s latest data.

Free commercial time (FCT) on overall TV grew by 9% in Week 13 over the pre-Covid period between Week 2-4. In Week 11-12, the growth was 15%.
News television advertising, however, grew to 26% in Week 13 compared to 24% growth in Week 11-12 over the pre-Covid period between Week 2-4. In Week 11-12 the growth was 15%.

In terms of percentage, the sports genre recorded a maximum 86% growth.

According to the report, GECs’ FCT grew by 2% in Week 13 while the growth was at 11% in Week 11-12.

Movies, despite registering maximum growth in viewership, saw a decline in advertising volume in Week 13 when its growth reduced to 5% compared with 16% growth in Week 11-12.

The genres that witnessed a decline over pre-Covid period are kids (-4%), Music (-8%), infotainment (-2%), youth (-21%), lifestyle (-15%) and others (-3%).

Advertising growth in Week 13 was mainly backed by social ads and ads for personal hygiene brands. The top brands in Week 13 were Dettol and Lifebuoy toilet soaps, Harpic, Lizol and Hotstar VIP, the report said.

While organisational and association advertisements grew 66 times, those for ice creams and frozen desserts increased 11 times. Toiletries grew 190 times over the pre-Covid period.

Corporate brand image advertisements grew by 155% and cellular phone advertisements grew by 166%. 

Digital advertising increased across sectors except for travel, auto and retail 

The report also provided insights into digital advertising trends in India. The report said there was a drop in the retail, travel and auto sector’s digital advertising. Corporate brand image advertising grew by 175% and cosmetics was up by 185%. Food and beverage advertising increased by 155% and household products increased by 127%. The report said there is a scope for advertisers in most sectors to increase their footprint across more digital publishers.

The report also gave insights into the digital consumption patterns of Indian urban markets. Smartphone usage saw a 12.5% increase in week 13. The daily consumption increased by four hours, according to the report.

There was an increase in the usage of mobile payments apps by 4%. Another interesting insight from the report suggests that there is an increase in news consumption from smartphones.  There was a 21% increase in news apps users while a 16% increase by visitors to news website was recorded. The report also suggests people consume news by mixing digital and television mediums in the day.

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