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Schlesinger Group acquires Market Cube

Joint priorities are to continue delivering the highest quality intelligent research services, and customized solutions

Schlesinger Group, a leading international data collection and research services company, has acquired Market Cube, a technology-led global quantitative research and data collection business.

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The addition of Market Cube will significantly expand Schlesinger Group’s quantitative capabilities in the consumer and B2B markets and propel its automated technology solutions, as it continues to build the world's most comprehensive data collection and research services companies.

The Principals, Ted Pulsifer, Dipak Singh, and Aditya Raj, remain with the company, along with their team. Joint priorities are to continue delivering the highest quality intelligent research services, and customized solutions. A client-centric strategy will drive the Integration and development of the companies’ global services in the coming months.

Commenting on the news, Steve Schlesinger, CEO, Schlesinger Group, said, “This highly complementary acquisition unlocks substantial opportunity for our clients across the healthcare,

consumer, and B2B markets. We value Market Cube’s vast proprietary panels together with their highly effective automated processes of sampling, panel management, and integrated

global panel access via high API connectivity. This investment is a critical part of our growth strategy, and our continued commitment to recruit research participants and deliver data faster, with more intelligence, agility, diversity, and scope than ever before.”

Aditya Raj, Principal, Market Cube, added, “Our two companies have formed a powerhouse of quantitative and qualitative global research, and we look forward to leveraging Schlesinger’s expertise in medical and patient recruitment with our quantitative and technological capabilities. We are equally excited about the expansion into qualitative research. In today’s marketplace, an ever-increasing number of studies require hybrid solutions, and now we can provide our clients with even more tailored options. Our customer-first philosophy, agile approach, and vision for a future fueled by technology reinforces Schlesinger and Market Cube as ideal partners to help companies answer their most important business questions.”

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