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After Yes Bank moratorium, PhonePe ends up in Twitter feud with Paytm

As the only banking partner to PhonePe, Yes Bank’s moratorium from RBI to a service outage of the digital payment firm on Friday. Paytm then tried to take a jibe at PhonePe on social media, which twitteratis criticised

The moratorium on Yes Bank issued by the Reserve Bank of India (RBI) that came into effect on Thursday evening did not only led to a crisis-like situation in its financial holdings but also impacted its service partners pretty bad.

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Being the only banking partner to PhonePe, the digital payment firm on Friday started suffering an outage in services. However, it started functioning well the very next day as it partnered with ICICI Bank.

The firm had initially claimed it was facing technical difficulties, as confirmed by Sameer Nigam, PhonePe’s Co-founder and CEO via tweet.

This 24-hour service outage was enough for its fellow competitor Paytm to take a dig at it for partnering with only a single bank. However, many who came across the Twitter feud criticised Paytm for their tweet and lauded PhonePe for its response.

On Friday, Paytm took it to Twitter, saying: “Dear @PhonePe_Inviting you to @PaytmBank #UPI platform. It already has huge adoption and can seamlessly scale manifold to handle your business. Let’s get you back up, fast!”

With a quick revert to the Paytm’s tweet, PhonePe tweeted: “Dear @PaytmBank Inviting you to consider that if your #UPI platform was so ‘seamlessly scalable’, we’d have called you ourselves. No point getting back up faster, if we have to desert our long term partners when they’re down. Form is temporary, class is permanent.”

Though the banter didn’t last for long, twitteratis called out Paytm for being ‘extra cool’ and urged people to uninstall the app for taking such dig at PhonePe. A few invited Google Pay to join the feud, many applauded and supported PhonePe for its subtle response.

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