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Zee5 India amplifies customer engagement with Appier artificial intelligence platform

Zee5 India implemented AIQUA, an AI-powered proactive customer engagement solution from Appier that allows marketers to drive engagement across all devices and channels

Zee5 India, the ConTech OTT platform, has announced that in partnership with artificial intelligence (AI) company Appier, it has improved its customer engagement — including a 3x jump in click-through rates and video sampling— through effective use of AI to uncover critical insights about its viewers.

As the audience is growing, Zee5 India is committed to understanding viewers at an individual level so it can hyper-personalise the most relevant content at the right time. This requires leveraging viewer data using AI to understand where people are in the customer lifecycle and how they consume content. With these insights, Zee5 India defines and deploys a strategic mix of communication channels, content and consumption timeframes to ensure high acquisition, viewership and retention rates.

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Zee5 India implemented AIQUA, an AI-powered proactive customer engagement solution from Appier that allows marketers to drive engagement across all devices and channels. Using AIQUA, Appier helped Zee5 India streamline data sources to ensure relevant customer engagement.

“At Zee5 India, we are committed to excellence when it comes to both our product and customer service, and we are always looking for partners with disruptive technology to help us achieve this,” said Vani Dixit, Head of Customer Lifecycle Management for Zee5 India.

“To engage with and stay relevant to our customers, we need to leverage data efficiently using AI to better understand and reach them at times when they are most likely to take action. With Appier we reimagined how we make consumers’ content viewing experience hyper-personalised. As India’s largest producer of original content, it is our endeavour to make the consumer’s journey on to the Zee5 platform intuitive and provide them with a seamless content viewing experience.”

With AIQUA, Zee5 India has increased the number of specific customer segments by 10 times — from just a few hundred to thousands — allowing for the most highly personalised content delivery. AIQUA also allows for quick development and adjustment of campaigns to meet the immediate and specific needs of viewers. Zee5 India has increased the number of campaigns it runs through AIQUA by 2000% since March 2019, running several hundred campaigns daily.

“Working with Zee5 India has led to an excellent partnership, and we appreciate that the Zee5 team has been so open with us about both their challenges and vision for success,” said Michelle Wong, Senior Vice President of Enterprise Sales for Appier. “We look forward to continuing to support Zee5’s growth through marketing excellence, and to helping them apply Appier’s AI solutions in the most effective ways to drive their business forward.”

Appier and Zee5 India continue to work together, maintaining the focus on attracting and retaining customers via customised outreach, leading to long-term, meaningful relationships with viewers.

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