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This Valentine’s Day, celebrate all kinds of love

This year, apart from regular flirty campaigns, brands are seen expressing love that knows no boundaries; be that of colour, community, age, or gender. Here are a few that stood out

As February enters, there’s some magic in the air, and the young, and the not so young, all wait for Valentine’s Day, February 14, the day of love. Brands also work to build their communication to cash in on the special occasion, days before the D Day arrives.

Apart from regular flirty or notorious campaigns, ads this year are especially seen expressing and showcasing love that knows no boundaries; be that of colour, community, age, or gender.


The Man Company’s campaign #ForAllKindsOfLove on lifting the stigma of having an ‘imperfect’ male body image or Big Bazar’s #LoveSabKeLiye showing love between an old couple and a special couple are a few examples worth mentioning.

Enjoy more of such campaigns and fall in love again.





Mondelez India takes over the season of love with its “How far will you go for love” campaign. A concept was conceived to nudge consumers to try and go beyond the usual and make it special for their partner this Valentine’s Day. 




This campaign by jewellery brand Mellora urges men to replace the old and boring Valentine’s Day gifts with trendy and lightweight gold. Trending as #UpYourGiftingGame across all social media platforms, the campaign asks them to celebrate the multifaceted persona of the women they love by gifting them something that will last more than a day.

Conceptualised by Dentsu India Slingshot, the film featuring Swasti Kapur, Tamanna Sharma, Noyrika and Shaina shows how women are destroying the same old boring gifts that they get on Valentine’s Day every year. They demand #change and ask men to #UpTheirGame with the gifts they choose.


#Swag Se Solo

With new brand ambassador actor Salman Khan, Pepsi launched its new anthem “Swag Se Solo” that intends to celebrate the youth of today who is single by choice.

Given the increasing trend being witnessed on how Gen Z prefers to be self-partnered and stemming from consumer insight on at least seven out 10 Indian men in the age group of 15-30 years being single, the anthem Swag Se Solo rejoices the unabashed confidence of the Indian youth and encourages them to unapologetically embrace their relationship status.

Edelweiss Tokyo Life Insurance


The #ZindagiUnlimited campaign by Edelweiss Tokyo Life Insurance, conceptualised by Contract Advertising, focuses on pledging to become an organ donor so that for the people in need there is no more waiting.



The brand campaign uses colour to play with red and emphasises on the idea of #WearRedWithCentral.

The messaging aims to create a vibe for the occasion while also highlighting the red merchandise available at the store.

Conceptualised by NDMPL, the campaign amalgamates the emotion and the fashion aspect of the colour of Love- Red and showcases the sweet feeling that amplifies when people from different walks of life exchange love.

Big Bazaar


Big Bazaar celebrates love with a special in-store and digital campaign. The two heart-warming stories convey deeper meaning of love shared between different individuals. Connecting with the young elders in every family, the first campaign narrates a special bond shared between an old, married couple. The campaign sheds light on how with nothing but love and a little nok-jhok the couple share a timeless bond.

Promoting the inclusive and welcoming culture encouraged at all Big Bazaar stores, the second campaign depicts a story that leaves a much deeper message. It features a special marriage where the wife is hearing and speech impaired. The story revolves around how the husband plans a sweet surprise to celebrate Valentine’s Day with his wife.

The Man Company


The Man Company has launched a #ForAllKindsOfLove campaign to lift the long-running stigma associated with having an “imperfect” male body image. Through its latest video campaign, the brand showcases men who are hesitant of their body insecurities. Men feel vulnerable, insecure and weak too and it needs to be understood and regularised.


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Chupa Chups

The confectionary brand Chupa Chups from the house of Perfetti Van Melle has rolled out a new campaign for its limited-edition lollipop range —  “Do You Love Me?”

Conceptualised and executed by Ogilvy, the communication is set in the context of a group of teenagers who are sitting on the college stairs and playing a game of ‘love me, love me not’. The responses to the game and the fate of the protagonists are left to what the message on the lollipop reveals. The TVC closes with a twist of good humour where a teacher becomes inadvertently involved in what he feels is a professing of love from his students towards him.

The gum-filled lollipops come with cool emoticons like  ‘Love You’, ‘BFF’, ‘Heart Break’, ‘Yes’, ‘No’, and ‘Smiley’, all embossed on the lollipop. The exact message is a surprise for the consumer, unveiled only after unwrapping.

The idea behind Chupa Chups DYLM lollipops is to help create light-hearted banter among the target group that the brand caters to. Chupa Chups becomes a way for them to engage in a conversation about relationships in a unique and fun way.



ShareChat, the social networking platform, invites netizens to share their passion for mother tongue with #loveyourlingo.

Based on the philosophy that one's own native language is the best medium to express the feelings and thoughts and comes straight from the heart, the campaign encourages netizens to express their views and also pays tribute to their love for language this Valentine's Day.

As part of the campaign, ShareChat has incorporated social experiments to gauge citizen’s awareness on the various languages and dialects spoken in the country. The 10-day campaign is aimed at driving conversations on the love for language and infusing the pride for mother tongue, bringing India out of every Indian.

J K Papers


To portray unconditional impression of love, JK Papers presents a love that sees beyond looks and touches the heart by its two social media films. Conceptualised and executed by Vena Cava, the campaign depicts a testimonial to what true love is and connects one soul to another with their unique expression of love that goes beyond physical beauty #impressionoflove.

The campaign gives a tribute to great love stories born at a time of less relationship commitment generation and online dating. It promotes to make a lasting impression by promising to love and cherish inner beauty and says “Love the flaws because everything starts with love.”



ColourPlus, an office wear clothing brand for men, tries to encapsulate the essence of true love, which isn’t always hunky-dory.

This film conceptualised by Grey India combines the strong insight that love has its different shades and aesthetic frames with subtle product integration, beautifully.

The short digital film showcases how an upset wife keeps leaving notes in her husband’s shirt pocket – and he obliges to her demands. Soon, her notes become their only mode of communication until she discovers his little secret.

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