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Prime Focus Technologies rebrands DAX as Clear

The updated Clear has brand new collaboration tools, upgraded performance, embedded MAM functionality, strong workflow management and the ability to handle Mezzanine/raw content

Prime Focus Technologies (PFT) has announced the transformation of its patented DAX Digital Dailies to Clear.

Initially released in 2004, DAX pioneered the online Dailies experience at a time when the industry was using DVDs and has been the only patented Dailies solution since. While DAX has undergone several changes since its acquisition by PFT in 2014, it now morphs into Clear with a host of bold new features that will transform the post-production processes.


The updated Clear revolutionises content creation with brand new collaboration tools, upgraded performance, embedded MAM functionality, strong workflow management and the ability to handle Mezzanine/raw content. One can now drive post-production supply chain efficiencies like never before — ingest, delivery, Master QC, localisation and mastering can be easily managed and administered on Clear.

While it continues to be the premier solution for dailies, cuts, document management including scripts and schedules, Clear’s armoury of MAM features and tools delivers enormous possibilities. Upload, manage and create a cloud archive of your RAW or mezzanine (ProRes, DNX) production content (i.e. finals, screeners and marketing content), transcode to any format and deliver to your VFX vendors or your creative agencies to create trailers and promos. Easily view, manage — both scripted and unscripted content — or search for your content. Add comments, create clips and sizzle reels, collaborate with your post teams as soon as you start uploading content.


Its transformational new features also include:

*Apple TV App: Its incredible new app, custom-built for screening content on TVs in a simple interface innovatively designed for instant and secure access

*Next-generation HTML5 Player: Stream content at higher bitrates without interruption all the way up to 10mbps/4K/HDR

*Support for mezzanine content, in DNxHD or ProRes formats: Automate proxy creation and view cuts at much higher quality, and manage a multitude of formats


*Multi-cloud architecture: Enjoy the flexibility and proven security of best-of-breed public cloud infrastructure (AWS, Azure etc.) or tap into on-premise content stores

*One-click share: Share content securely with both Clear and non-Clear users, with expiration dates

*Enhanced Security: Gold standard security features further bolstered with Just-in-Time Watermarking, a lightning fast, ironclad new Just-in-Time visible video watermark

*Powerful Administration module: Easily manage your production’s users, access permissions and folders

*Create your own user experience: Select a light or dark background, player settings and navigation views to suit your preferences

Ramki Sankaranarayanan

“As part of Clear, we have expanded DAX from a dailies solution into a holistic content creation and post-production supply chain platform,” said Ramki Sankaranarayanan, Founder and Global CEO, Prime Focus Technologies. “Clear brings to the table a host of creative collaboration and post-production tools in the cloud with powerful MAM and supply chain management capabilities. We look forward to delivering an exceptional user experience and tangible business benefits to content creators.” 

Used by 50% of US studios, the product now sports new powerful functionalities.

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