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Clients want agencies that don’t work as vendors but understand its needs, says Virendra Saini of Triton Communications

In a conversation with, Saini, Executive Director, Triton Communications, talks about the independent creative agency’s future growth plans

Virendra Saini

The year 2020 marked the 29th year of Triton communications, an integrated and independent advertising agency.

Founded in 1991 by Ali Merchant, the agency is prepping itself for the new-age requirements of clients.

Creativity is the heart of any advertising agency and over the past two years, the agency has strengthened its creative team.

In 2020, the agency aims for a 30-35% revenue growth based on its quality creative work for clients and aggressive new business pitches.

Organic growth of existing businesses will contribute to targeted growth. “We are looking at 30-35% revenue growth and it will primarily be by new businesses and quality creativity. The organic growth of existing businesses will continue. We are currently a part of a lot of new pitches and we are sure to win most of them,” said Virendra Saini, Executive Director, Triton Communications.

Saini feels new businesses will also be acquired by “great work that people see”.

The agency has Vicco, Samco, Fortune, Yes Bank, Dainik Bhaskar, Hoff furniture, Kingfisher Storm, ABD, Redhunt, as its key clients.

Triton is working towards driving a planning culture for its client servicing employees. This will help the agency in solving the client’s business issue and give its employees a thorough understanding of client’s business, not only from the advertising point of the side but more thinking from the client’s perspective.

“We are planning to inculcate a planning culture in all the services we offer and encouraging our servicing people to go beyond the brief and get into the businesses of the client to solve the issues,” he said.

According to Saini, in the long term, such activities help to build client and agency’s relationship strong. “Clients want an agency that understands its needs, its consumers’ needs and not work like a vendor with a client. That’s how the relationship with the clients becomes stronger and agency becomes inseparable,” he said.

The agency’s focus areas are on making profitability, solving client’s business and marketing issues and making award-winning creative campaigns.

They have entered for Abby’s 2020 with Samco’s “InvestMan” campaign.

Triton has its offices in Delhi, Bangalore and Ahmedabad. An 18-member creative team in agency’s Mumbai office is headed by Jyotsna Parikh.

Parikh in her career has worked for a lot of big brands and has work experience in network agency.

The agency’s most recent work for Vicco Vajradanti intended to appeal both to millennial consumers and existing brand loyalists. The campaign launched in January last week has garnered 2,654,058 views so far.

Saini said the agency has got up with a culture of disruption in it. It has broken many conventions from disruptive thoughts and ideas.

Last year, in a major business alliance, the digital wing of Triton Communications (DIGIMO) and Spicetree Design Agency (SDA) came together to collaborate and deliver the best to the clients. This alliance is aimed to extend the best digital and social media services to clients put together.

Speaking on the digital capabilities, Saini said, “Our digital division comprises Digimo and Spicetree Design. I think digital will pick up now for us. We have been offering it as a solution along with main ATL, experience etc,” he says.

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