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Cheil India launches #ReduceTheMargin, an initiative to tackle paper wastage

They are targeting both Microsoft and its users. By downloading a widget from on one’s computer, the default setting of MS Word automatically reduces the margin area by 25% — helping in reducing paper wastage while printing

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Advertising agency network Cheil India announced #ReduceTheMargin, an initiative tackling the cause of paper wastage and calling people out to be more responsible in their use of paper.

They are targeting the 1.2 billion users of Microsoft and the IT major itself. By downloading a widget from on one’s computer, the default setting of MS Word automatically reduces the margin area by 25%.  This helps in greatly reducing paper wastage while printing.

Paper is one of the most widely used and abused items in our daily lives. In offices, homes, schools and other places of business, we end up wasting paper as much as using it. The average office-goer uses 10,000 sheets of A4 copy paper a year for printing. Globally, the most favoured official software being Microsoft Office, Microsoft Word becomes the automatic choice in offices. What is cause for concern is the fact that the default setting of Microsoft Word leads to each printed page having a wasted margin area of approximately 38%. That is why they are targeting Microsoft, tweeting to them and trying to convince them to #ReduceTheMargin once and for all.

The initiative has spread far beyond Cheil India. MG Motors, adidas, ITC, India Pictures, Experience Commerce, Conceptual Pictures and Atthah have joined the initiative.

Emmanuel Upputuru

Emmanuel Upputuru, Chief Creative Officer, Cheil India, said, “While the world is dealing with problems like gender equality, climate change and racism, there are still other important issues that need our attention and solutions. I am absolutely delighted to see #ReduceTheMargin come alive. An action so simple anyone can take, including Microsoft! This digital product comes straight out of our core principle of creativity + technology. We demonstrated that with Samsung Good Vibes app, now this. There are more in the pipeline. Watch this space.”

*Each year, the world produces 300 million tons of paper.

*Nearly 4 billion or 35% of the total trees cut around the world are used in paper industries.

*In the last 20 years, the usage of paper products has increased from 92 million tons to 208 million tons, which is a growth of 126%.

To download and know more about the widget, log on to

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