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Rapido calls media and creative pitch for first campaign

The pitch was called in November and is pegged to be Rapido’s first and biggest ATL campaign. The brand’s total marketing budget for 2020 is approx to 200 crore, with plans to invest heavily in national and regional campaigns

The bike taxi firm Rapido has called for a multi-agency creative and media pitch for its first and biggest ATL campaign. India’s top creative and media agencies are participating in the pitch.

For digital communication and activities, the brand is counting on its internal digital team.

The pitch was called in November. Rapido’s total marketing budget for 2020 is approx to 200 crore.

The firm is looking to scale up in a big way. A high-reach, high-ROI strategy will be adopted and the campaign will go live in the next quarter.

Arvind Sanka

“We are bullish in 2020 and it is going to be an even more aggressive year for us as we plan to reach 200+ cities. With a marketing budget of $25 million, we will make transportation accessible to the next 200 million users and are going to invest heavily in various national and regional marketing campaigns across the country,” said Arvind Sanka, Co-founder, Rapido.

The marketing mix will include different media platforms, with focus on regional communication since Rapido has a strong presence in tier II and tier III markets. The brand aims to grow from 15 million downloads to 50 million downloads.

“Apart from this, we are looking to drive into 2020 with a larger vision of partnering India in making intra-city transportation convenient, affordable and accessible,” he adds.

The firm targets to be recognised as one of the top 10 consumer internet transactional companies in the country in 2020.

“Since Rapido’s inception, we have spent $10 million, mostly on transactional level marketing, and now we want to reach a larger audience base so our focus will be more on brand-level marketing,” he said.

The firm is also looking at big media properties to partner.

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