Ogilvy attempts to solve a global problem with 'I Will Wear Out Plastic'

The agency joined hands with fashion designer Masaba Gupta to create a clothing line with detachable bags. However, scalability of the idea is questionable looking at the price point of the clothing line

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Ogilvy attempts to solve a global problem with 'I Will Wear Out Plastic'

In the middle of 2018, Ogilvy India was looking for an idea that could lessen the usage of plastic as carry bags.

After a year and a half of R&D on non-recyclable plastic bags, the agency found that most of the time plastic bags are used because very few people have the habit of taking a carry bag along when they go out.

Taking a cue from the R&D, the agency brainstormed on how to make the carry bag part of a fashionable garment, one of the segments where plastic bags were used the most.

Finally, the creative heads were able to zero in on creating a garment, a part of which, when needed, can turn into a bag. Ogilvy wanted to create a campaign along with launching an innovative product line by collaborating with a known face.

The agency made a proto type with skirt and dresses and reached out to United Nations Environment Program (UNEP) with the idea. The UNEP was already running a campaign on phasing out single-use plastic in India.

The agency then decided to partner with the noted designer Masaba Gupta so that she can launch a clothing line ‘I Will Wear Out Plastic’, which has garments with detachable bags and make the campaign more mainstream.

The campaign centres around the idea of a unique clothing line with detachable bags, aiming to reduce the use of plastic bags, sending out a strong message on the #BeatPlasticPollution initiative. Designer Masaba Gupta was able to creatively transform the campaign into a clothing line.

Sukesh Nayak

Sukesh Nayak, Chief Creative Officer, Ogilvy, said, “This is Ogilvy India coming together to solve a global problem. We have worked on a global problem and have come up with an idea that is unique and universal. I am thankful that Masaba agreed to partner us and bring our idea to life, by designing a clothing line, where a part of the garment, when needed, turns into a bag. This is high fashion making a statement and serving a purpose for a cause."

Such campaigns are a big draw at the international awards circuits, especially Cannes Lions. Though the initiative launched by Ogilvy, along with Masaba Gupta, is laudable but the scalability of the innovative product line created could be questioned as the garments start with a very high price point.

The campaign and fashion line was launched on Wednesday in O&M’s Mumbai office.

“Masaba is a partner for the idea. When I write something I look for a partner with whom I see my sensibility and thinking matching. Masaba was the first name that came into my mind and so we went to her. She imbibes the value of fashion that one goes after — modern, bold, fusion,” Nayak said.

The designed garment range has an exclusive accessory—a detachable reusable bag.

Online tutorials to design cloth bags in daily wear clothes will be out by next week on social media channels. Apart from this, the agency plans to collaborate with influencers to support and spread the social cause.

Heavily driven by digital, the campaign will also be seen on other media formats.

“Influencers such as Dia Mirza are our pillars to spread this initiative. We are planning to have more influencers on board who support the initiative and spread the word further. The influencers will be more from the fashion and lifestyle space,” said Nayak.

UNEP India has been a major catalyst in India’s campaign against single-use plastic ever since #BeatPlasticPollution was launched on World Environment Day 2018 in partnership with the Ministry of Environment, Forest and Climate Change.

Bagai said, “Addressing environmental challenges such as plastic pollution call for behavioural changes in society and it can have a huge impact when an acclaimed fashion designer like Masaba Gupta makes an environment statement through an entire clothing line. We look forward to the success of this innovative idea and thank Masaba and Ogilvy for associating with us.”

Masaba Gupta said, “This is not just collaboration, it’s a war cry. This is House of Masaba’s way of giving back to the environment. It’s the need of the hour and we are taking that conscious step towards sustainability, because the global environmental crisis is all too visible now. Plastic pollution is one of the largest environmental threats faced globally and there’s an urgent requirement and responsibility to address it. The fashion industry is also known to produce the most global wastage. This time, we’re using fashion as a tool for empowerment and activism. We encourage people to understand our concept and try to recreate their own permutations and combinations to take this concept forward."

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