Multiple agencies working on a single piece of communication ruins ROI for brands, says Chaaya Baradhwaaj of BC Web Wise

In a conversation with, Baradhwaaj says brands shouldn't involve too many agencies on a single mandate as it ends up ruining the ROI. She says clients should invest more in video communications as the medium delivers the best results

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Multiple agencies working on a single piece of communication ruins ROI for brands, says Chaaya Baradhwaaj of BC Web Wise

Chaaya Baradhwaaj

BC Web Wise, a full-service independent digital agency, is targeting to grow its revenue ten-fold in the next fiscal by acquiring specialised agencies and increasing its client base.

The growth in the next fiscal will be heavily driven by the agency's focus on big account wins in India and global markets, Chaaya Baradhwaaj, Founder and MD, BC Web Wise said.

In an interaction with, Baradhwaaj said, "We have a clear agenda to grow 10x by 2021. We are focusing on winning account size of certain threshold levels rather than multiple smaller ones.”

Started in 2003, BC is one of the oldest digital agencies in the country.

Talking about the growing culture of clients involving too many agencies for a single mandate, especially in digital, Baradhwaaj said that her agency wouldn't mind losing such clients.

“We are prepared to let go of clients very easily with no dependability. A good digital client is one who doesn’t involve too many agencies for its digital activities.”

“We take up singular projects provided they're sizeable. If we see that a client works with four-five agencies at a time, we consciously don't take part in it,” she said

When multiple agencies work for one brand communication, there are fewer chances of better ROI from the mediums. "When somebody else is crafting the brand engagement pieces - creative, messaging, content,  and somebody else is strategizing media, the brand doesn't get the right RoI it deserves, considering the very critical and differentiated role that varied touchpoints in the consumer journey on the digital play,” she says.

An agency can give complete RoI only if it has the complete digital mandate of the brand and when it is very well aware of the brand's demand. “If I have less understanding of the brand’s demand, I won’t be able to align it with the beneficial mediums and won't able to crack the relevant creative approach required,” she said.

The agency is also ensuring its business gets well spread. At present, BC Web Wise is present in Mumbai, Delhi and Bangalore with more than 120 people working for the agency.

HDFC, Kokuyo Camlin, Bharat Benz, TikTok ads and Bajaj consumer products are some of its key clients.

According to her, impactful training on strengthening and building business strategies has helped the agency take many big decisions that many other big or small agency couldn’t take. One of the hardest is not working with ‘small budget big clients’.

“If it's a big brand but a small budget, we won't take it up. I don't want to work with a client who plans to work segregated. It doesn't help in the long run; one can’t spread digital to multiple agencies,” she said

Last year, the agency has appointed Shanmukha Vaidyanathan as a CSO.

“We are now more geared, we know how to talk to a client and how to look for a larger mandate,” Baradhwaaj adds.

Speaking on digital and content marketing, Baradhwaaj said, “Digital is the part of the consumer's purchase journey and content is going to play a very important and critical role in making that successful purchase. Content that comes in the consumer’s discovery journey to consideration journey to decision-making purchase journey.”

“Content into and throughout the consumer cycle in the format of text or video is very important. It has to appear in search, social media, YouTube channels and all till that final moment of purchase with an omnichannel consumer journey mind where digital is seamlessly serving the customer. Immersive content inside OTT is also going to be very important,” she emphasised.

The agency recommends its clientele to invest more in video content to be relevant to the consumers as video gives more storytelling opportunity about the brand and in the context of what role it plays in the consumer life.

“Video content gives better ROI and organic reach to the brands than static ones,” she said.

Baradhwaaj says brands are not on digital, they are going to lose their consumers very soon.

“An omnichannel approach is one thing to be kept in mind when we talk about 360-degree digital. In the consumer journey, we are giving right content at the right format to them,” she explained.

On why the agency did not choose to be a part of the large international network, Baradhwaaj said, "We always want to live as an independent agency with an entrepreneurial heart and mind."

One of the first things that got BC a lot of visibility was Sunsilk’s Gang of Girls campaign in 2005.

In 2019, DesignRush, a New York-headquartered B2B Marketplace that analyses and ranks hundreds of agencies across the globe to help brands find top full-service agencies, web design companies, digital marketing firms, and top technology companies, listed BC Web Wise as one of the 25 most creative agencies in the world.

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