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Femina’s ‘All about Women’ sheds light on working millennial mothers

The report has key insights on habits of a working millennial mother, lifestyle, work-life balance and relationships. The research also highlights this group’s involvement in online activities and their most preferred window for the same

(L) Tanya Chaitanya and Deepak Lamba (R)

Femina, the women-centric magazine, released a research report called ‘All About Women’, targeted at millennial mothers. This report is an in-depth analysis and gives a peek at consumer behaviour, lifestyle, habits, purchasing power and interpersonal relationships along with many other facets of a working millennial mother.

The research also highlighted this consumer group’s involvement in online activities and their most preferred window for the same.


According to the report, e-commerce portals Amazon, Flipkart and Myntra are the three most preferred shopping destinations for working millennial mothers.

When it comes to the consumption of content, movies, YouTube and Facebook videos are their top three sources of entertainment.


Social media, TV and newspapers are the top three sources of daily content for millennial working mothers. WhatsApp messages play a pivotal role in how they receive information about the latest happenings in the world, with 80% of mothers sourcing content from the messaging app.

Over one third of the mothers’ source content from women magazines.

The research report reflected on the changing dynamics of motherhood, and parenthood in Indian households. The subjects are bifurcated based on the type of families and further categorised on the basis of varied determinants such as striking a work-life balance, preference to children, spouse-partner relationship, self-care and digital content consumption.

The  study conducted by LeadCap Ventures and its findings are a result of extensive quantitative and qualitative research done over months with more than 1,500 urban women across 10 mega cities/metros and tier 1 markets.


Lifestyle of a millennial working mother

  • The new-age moms allow their kids a total screen time of- 66 mins during week days and 97 min during weekends
  • More than 67% mothers ensure they consume proper nutritious food 
  • Millennial mothers devote adequate time to self-care with almost all mothers including basic make-up such as powder, creams etc. while travelling to office
  • 85% of millennial working mothers hardly cooked or never did so at home

Exhibiting interesting anecdotes on the lifestyle of the millennial mother, the report revealed that growing attention of women towards personal self-care. The report also highlighted that despite hectic schedules and tiring routines, the mothers didn’t compromise on inculcating healthy food habits and were health-conscious for themselves and their families. 

Striving for work-life balance

Striking the perfect work-life balance, respondents revealed that they were able to do that with the avid and proactive support by their families and colleagues.

Kids over everything

Additionally, for the millennial working mother, the children hold the utmost priority. Taking time out from their busy schedules, millennial parents make sure that either one of the parents is available with the child at any given point. 

Elaborating on how Femina’s All About Women Report, Deepak Lamba, CEO of Worldwide Media, said, “Femina as a brand has always known the pulse of Indian women and the research  report is another testimonial for it. ‘All About Women’ is a new chapter in the brand journey where we deep dive into various facets of a woman’s lives and predict trends, tailor content and have a customised approach for increasing engagement.”

Commenting on the occasion, Tanya Chaitanya, Editor and Chief Community Officer at Femina, said, “With a rich legacy of over 60 years, Femina has pioneered bold path-breaking content through decades and the brand understands the Indian modern women. The findings of this report have corroborated with our content strategy and proven once again that no one knows Indian women like we do. ”    

Femina’s January issue will further elaborate these insights and findings and corroborate them with content tailored to the working millennial mother. This issue will also shed light on Femina’s focused content strategy to cater to what women need and the in-depth understanding of it.

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