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ETMoney advocates new tax-saving solution that helps taxpayers to save more in new spot

Conceptualised by Daiko FHO, the campaign marries financial literacy with comedy to help simplify the aura of complexities that surround personal financial decisions

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Online wealth management app  ETMoney, has launched a campaign to advocate for its new and unique tax-saving solution that helps Indian taxpayers save up to Rs 78,000.

Starring comedian and comedy-writer Biswapati Sarkar and actor Namit Das, the campaign enacts multiple earnest humorous scenes set on regular and relatable backdrops where the duo discuss tax saving options to bring about financial literacy while focusing on ETMoney’s proposition that helps users make informed financial decisions and get more out of their tax-saving instruments.

The campaign is conceptualised by Daiko FHO and has been produced by Cellardoor in partnership with the Times Internet marketing team led by COO Santosh Navlani.

The campaign marries financial literacy with comedy to help simplify the aura of complexities that surround personal financial decisions, thereby resonating with ETMoney’s core brand principles of making personal finance simpler and convenient. Tax and finance campaigns have for long been determined by mundane or emotional advertisements on television.

In order to target India’s mobile-first millennial audience, the campaign had to redefine finance through humour and replicate the joy of discovering new possibilities especially in the complicated procedure of tax saving.

“We intend to not only drive a larger awareness of what the maximum possible tax-savings can be for them, but also enable seamless purchase of those tax-saving products. Moreover, our aim is to help people derive maximum value for themselves while they save the tax by ensuring they also enhance their financial lives through them — be it growing their money, insuring themselves or protecting the health of their families and get rewarded by additional tax-saving if they start planning for retirement. We are aiming to help individuals save over Rs. 300 crore in aggregated tax-saving through the tax saving season of Jan-Mar 2020 and establish ourselves as the ultimate destination for tax savings in the country,” said Santosh Navlani, COO and Head of Marketing ETMoney.

Rajesh Aggarwal, Founder and CEO, Daiko FHO, said, “ETMoney’s tax-saving campaign was conceptualised as a brief yet engaging narrative that delivered its promise of maximising savings in a manner that would resonate with the widest segment of tax-paying Indian. We are happy to have been able to weave our experience in engaging storytelling with incredible actors to deliver this insightful message in a humorous yet impactful manner.”


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