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Aditya Birla Sun Life Mutual Fund explains how to #WinWithSIP through campaign

Conceptualised by Taproot Dentsu, the campaign educates as well as provokes people to re-evaluate some of the common myths around investing which if not addressed can end up putting them off track from their financial pursuits

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Aditya Birla Sun Life Mutual Fund (ABSLMF), the mutual fund business of Aditya Birla Capital Limited (ABCL), launched a high-octane investor education campaign across 22 TV channels.

Spread over three months, the campaign covers two films conceptualised to highlight one key aspect each of investing in mutual funds. They emphasise on the core theme of #WinWithSIP to convey how SIP as an investment tool helps to mitigate market volatility and can be leveraged for diversifying investments through asset allocation. The first film went on air on January 6 while the second film will hit TV screens on February 17. The campaign is supported by billboards in Mumbai as part of outdoor media and amplified digitally. For further reach, the campaign includes radio and public announcements in Mumbai’s metro and local trains.

The two film campaign #WinWithSIP takes the narrative of mutual fund industry beyond just talking about the need to invest, to explaining actual principles of mutual fund investments to convey the benefits. The campaign educates as well as provokes people to re-evaluate some of the common myths around investing which if not addressed can end up putting them off track from their financial pursuits.

Ajay Kakar, Chief Marketing Officer, Aditya Birla Capital, added, “This integrated campaign is an attempt to reach out through various touchpoints and appropriate the relevance of SIP as the right instrument for any market environment. It educates investors about the nuances of investing and assists them to take informed financial decisions. We are going beyond the ‘what’ to explain the ‘how’ with a listen and learn approach. This proposition is especially relevant in today’s volatile market environment where many new investors and fence sitters are beginning to wonder if money not invested is money saved.”

“We believe #WinWithSIP will help to demystify some of the fundamental concepts of mutual funds that will be beneficial for the investors’ understanding and long term financial goals. There is still a huge scope for Mutual Find penetration in this country and engaging with the masses in a relevant manner will increase their affinity towards this asset class. Knowledge is power, and through this investor education initiative, our attempt is to empower people with the information that will raise their awareness on how to benefit from their mutual fund investments,” added A. Balasubramanian, MD and CEO, Aditya Birla Sun Life AMC Limited.

Directed by Soaeb Mohammed, the TVC has been created by Taproot Dentsu India with Early Man Film. The TVCs use a slice-of-life approach supported by visual mnemonics for simplifying and to get the consumer to recognise the similarities between life and investments. The radio and TV media planning is being managed by Mindshare and Social Street is handling the outdoor media for the campaign.

Ayesha Ghosh, General Manager, Taproot Dentsu, said, “This investor education effort strives to have the consumer work things out for himself, thus giving all the more potency to #WinWithSIP. With skilful direction by Soaeb Mohammed of Early Man Film, we have kept the pace snappy and the questions quick-fire, evoking spontaneous answers that we feel viewers will find honest and relatable.” 

The concepts explained are core to any investor’s financial planning — don’t time the market, let your SIPs take care of your mutual fund investments; right asset allocation is the secret sauce of a winning portfolio. The first TVC establishes that life itself has its share of ups and downs but we never stop living life to the fullest despite some of the downs that come along the way. Then why are we so afraid of investing when there are temporary downs in the market? It uses the mnemonic of a Gumball vending machine to explain the concept of Rupee Cost Averaging in an SIP by showing that when markets are low, one gets many units (read gumballs) of smaller size (read value) while when the markets are up, one get lesser units of bigger value. The second TVC uses the mnemonic of a suitcase to explain the concept of asset allocation to build an investment portfolio with SIPs. Just as we pack clothes in a suitcase to suit different needs, our portfolio too needs to be created basis our goals and the time horizon for meeting them.

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