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UFO Moviez unveils ‘UFO - Cine Media Network’, reinforces its cinema advertising offering

The new brand was unveiled Thursday at Marquees 2019 that saw the best of brands and industry thought leaders celebrating successful brand stories that have contributed towards creating new benchmarks in the category

UFO Moviez, India’s largest digital cinema distribution network and in-cinema advertising platform with 3600+ screens across 1200+ cities, unveiled a new brand identity ‘UFO - Cine Media Network’, which is intended to explicitly represent the company’s core business offering i.e. cinema advertising and add value to its stakeholders.

The new brand identity was unveiled Thursday at Marquees 2019 that saw the best of brands and industry thought leaders celebrating successful brand stories that have contributed towards creating new benchmarks in the category.

It features the launch of a new and vibrant logo, contemporary montage and an updated company website. The logo brings in modern hues along with establishing the, ‘O’ of UFO which is a mobius strip to become its symbolic identity in the future. Along with this, the new logo also features a new tagline ‘Cine Media Network’, to appropriate and reinforce its leadership position in the in-cinema media space.

With this, UFO Moviez is realigning its network, into two powerful channels – ‘Prime Screens’ (multiplexes and Hollywood release centres) and ‘Popular Screens’ (standalone screens and mass appeal screens). With the new channels, insightful business intelligence and a new rate card, advertisers can carry out large screen high impact advertising that can be customized to deliver geo-targeted advertising with zero spillovers. The vast network of UFO screens is the largest urban heartland network with 1800+ screens in the ‘Prime Channel’ and 1800+ screens in the ‘Popular’ channel. UFO - Cine Media Network, is also the leader in metros and Tier 1 cities with over 900+ screens and has virtually no competition in Tier II and III markets.

The revamped company website ( has been designed to be a one-stop destination to advertisers, exhibitors, producers and distributors for all their cinema delivery and advertising requirements.

Cinema screens are the one place left, where people still look forward to watching advertisements, it is considered as part of the cinema viewing experience. With an affinity to the youth and premium audience, UFO Moviez, helps brands reach and impact a receptive and open-minded audience with ‘Skip’ less advertising.

In the mid-2000s, UFO Moviez optimized the potential of Indian cinema with satellite-based technology that transformed Annual Jubilee into Friday box office collections, slow-chain release into First Day - First Show, one blockbuster after another. It has made cinema into an equal experience for the whole country, making it an instant success with the youth that is already teased with pre-release teasers and trailers.

UFO’s innovation-driven DNA, empowers it to use technology and business intelligence to minimize content irrelevance by providing relevant content, to the relevant people, at the relevant time!

Sanjay Gaikwad

Commenting on the new development, Sanjay Gaikwad, Founder and Managing Director, UFO Moviez, said, “Indian Media & Entertainment industry is rapidly evolving, and hence we determined that our branding and identity needs to be more vibrant, contemporary, confident and more innovative. We are excited to unveil our new brand identity that is progressive, reflects our core business offering i.e. in-cinema advertising more prominently and is in-line with the industry’s evolution. Currently, we are India’s leading in-cinema advertising platform by the scale and by reach, and the only network to reach the urban heartland audience with our robust network of 3600+ screens including 1800+ Prime screens, which include multiplexes, and release centers of Hollywood films, making UFO the leader in both Premium and Popular segments. As we continue to focus on growing our ad screen network, our new brand identity will help us to grow our ad revenues exponentially.”

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