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History TV18 brings True Stories of Spectacular Survival

Watch real accounts of how the worst danger brings out the very best in ordinary people, on ‘Heroes & Survivors’, premiering on December 13, Friday 10 pm

History TV18 presents an inspirational 8-part series that celebrates true bravery in the face of extreme peril. ‘Heroes & Survivors’, premiering this Friday at 10 pm, uses actual footage along with true accounts of survivors who lived to tell the tale. These are also stories of people who went out of their way and helped strangers in their time of greatest need.

History TV18’s ‘Heroes & Survivors’ features stories of people coming face to face with extreme danger in the form of freak accidents, hostile terrain and extreme weather conditions. Humans are no match for the destructive fury of deadly weather, like tornadoes, flash floods, furious whitewater rapids, a deadly avalanche, a raging wildfire, or the searing heat of the desert. Any of these can make a person feel insignificant and entirely powerless. However, there are a few good men and women with the will to be brave even when faced with ultimate jeopardy. Each episode of the series, airing every Friday at 10 pm, has 6-to-8 true-life accounts that show the fragility of life, along with the tenacity of human willpower. Along with the danger posed by the fury of nature, the episodes also feature aeroplane crashes, road accidents, capsized boats, buildings on fire, and bizarre adventure sports-related accidents.

The series tells stories of heroic strangers who extend a hand that makes all the difference between life and death. These are stories of defiance in desperate situations, and a superhuman spirit to survive.

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