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Uber Eats India launches ‘Food Gully’ with #EatsNewEveryday campaign

The campaign featuring Alia Bhatt and Dulquer Salman targets the youth in the age group of 18-25. The engagement will occur across mediums; 60% allocations are for digital and 40% for traditional

Uber Eats, a food delivery platform, has recently launched a concept of food gully on its platform along with a new marketing campaign, #EatsNewEveryday, featuring Alia Bhatt and Dulquer Salmaan. The campaign targets youth between the ages of 18 and 25 and addresses their need to seek new experiences while ordering food.

In the film, Alia Bhatt is seen in her bubbly avatar. Dulquer Salmaan will feature in the film’s versions made for South India, especially Kerala and Tamil Nadu. The films depict a very endearing interaction between Alia / Dulquer and their respective dogs, where they talk to him about how they are spoilt for choice by Uber Eats, given the range of cuisines and menus it offers. They talk about different choices from Biryani to Shawarma, from pan fried noodles to Thai curry jasmine rice.

Bansi Kotecha

“The objective is twofold; one is obviously brand building and awareness around how Uber Eats is a place where one can get the right selection. We are trying to pitch the whole food gully or lane concept where options are innumerable and a consumer can pick and choose any time of the day,” said Bansi Kotecha Head of Operations, India and SA, Uber Eats.

About 60% of the total campaign spends has been allocated for digital media and the remaining on print and restaurant branding.

The concept the brand is trying to sell here is that the food gully will have all kind of restaurants that a consumer would like to order, which would show most cuisines a consumer has preferred in the past along with the best ones around him or her. “Research tells us that the need to change taste/ break monotony is the biggest trigger for ordering in among the youth. We have tapped this insight to showcase our wide range of cuisines restaurants to our audience, so that they can order in something new every day with Uber Eats,” he said.

“The youth orders four meals a day, breakfast, lunch, snacks and dinner; we wanted to enter all the four meals. This campaign gives us the opportunity to tell the youth that we have the selection for all the four meals and even more if one choose to and that solves the brand’s growth objective as well,” pointed out Kotecha.

A consumer gets a view of wide selection and variety Uber Eats offers along with the ease of the platform using experience and reliability.

“The campaign has focus on various aspects — brand building and improving our consideration awareness in the market, clearing the clutter where Uber Eats stands,” said Kotecha

This is a four-week campaign through which the brand is targeting engagement across all channels. Uber Eats will start with print and then digital along with restaurant marketing; OOH marketing will be exclusive for tier I cities. “Based on the first initial reading in a couple of weeks, we will take a call on how we expand or include the penetration more in the overall  market and in other geographies,” said Kotecha.

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