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Jungo TV partners with Art And Artistes, launches global digital channel

The new 24/7 digital ad-supported channel called Waah will feature performances by Indian musicians, featuring music concerts and music videos from their library spanning over 20 years

Jungo TV, the international entertainment distribution network, has partnered with Art And Artistes (AAA), the multimedia Indian music company, founded by music producer and television personality Durga Jasraj, specialising in conceiving, producing, and marketing Indian music content, across mass media platforms.

The partnership will result in the co-creation of a new 24/7 digital ad-supported channel called “Waah”, featuring performances by various Indian musicians, featuring music concerts and music videos, from their massive library spanning over 20 years and creating new content.


“Waah”, a word which literally means “Wow”, is used to express feelings of appreciation, praise, exclamation, and even more so by music lovers at live music performances.

“We are proud to join forces with AAA and work together to launch their global digital channel,” said George Chung, CEO and co-founder of Jungo TV. “AAA is a world-renowned multimedia production house with a worldwide following that helps create a natural partnership as both companies have deep respect for and commitment to creativity, diversity, and passion for the artists creating the music. We look to bring to life a shared vision of this exciting channel to be appreciated and loved by millions of Indian music fans around the world.”         


Music has also been the inspiration to major western artists such as guitar legend Jimi Hendrix, jazz great John Coltrane, California rockers The Doors, and most famously, the Beatles.

“Indian music has a huge global following, not just among Indians, but people across nationalities. The channel ‘Waah!’ curated and marketed in partnership with Jungo TV will greatly enhance the reach and penetration of Indian music to a whole new level. We are extremely honoured to be a part of this,” said Durga Jasraj, Founder of Art And Artistes and daughter of vocalist, Sangeet Martand Pandit Jasraj.


This music differs every few hundred kilometres, in the vast expanse that is India. Some broad categorisations include: folk music of regions, semi-classical genres, classical (Hindustani and Carnatic) making India the only country in the world with two genres of classical music, ghazal, sufi-qawwali, spiritual – devotional in many languages, and others. Showcasing this rich diversity and variety of music genres in a contemporary manner with world-class production qualities will make for a highly engaged and loyal fanbase.

Neeraj Jaitly, Director of Art And Artistes, said, “This single destination compilation of existing content – both audio and audio-video, as well as creating new music content every month for linear consumption by audiences worldwide, will be a unique experience for music lovers. This will also provide advertisers worldwide, access to TG with evolved aesthetics, who consume multi-cultural content.”


Jungo TV has also recently partnered with Verizon Media to power the ultimate brand safe ad network. Carriage partners include NXT-IMCL, a Hinduja company in India; GMA in the Philippines; and the Roku Channel, Samsung TV Plus, and XUMO in the United States.

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