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HDFC Mutual Fund inspires people to live a life of their dreams in #KyaPlanHai campaign

The campaign highlights the importance of not compromising on dreams but achieving it through solid financial planning by exploring investment options through mutual funds. The campaign is spearheaded by Mirum India

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HDFC  Asset  Management  Company  Limited  (HDFC  AMC), investment manager to HDFC Mutual Fund, has launched a 360‐degree investor education campaign of HDFC Mutual Fund, ‘#KyaPlanHai’, across print, television and digital.

The campaign aims to touch the universal truth of life that people have big dreams and they always have desired to live an upgraded life, whether it’s moving to a big house or buying a dream car. The fund house has highlighted the importance of not compromising on dreams but achieving it through solid financial planning by exploring investment options through mutual funds.

In the campaign, HDFC Mutual Fund intends to drive a strong message to people about how to bridge the gap between dreaming of an upgraded life, and actually living the life of their dreams, which can be accomplished through prudent financial planning by exploring investment options through mutual funds. To echo this sentiment of the consumers, a two‐part story has been created that follows a couple around 30s stuck between wanting a better life, to planning for one.

The mini stories shed light on their daily struggles they faced while planning for an upgraded life. The campaign represents people’s dreams and celebrates a better life which everyone is destined to. Milind Barve, Managing Director, HDFC AMC, said, “To upgrade means to elevate every aspect of ourselves to a higher standard. The new campaign displays the powerful, conscious, human expression of dreaming. We intend to ensure that through this campaign everyone has an opportunity to understand the importance of financial planning via mutual funds to upgrade their lifestyle.”    

#KyaPlanHai aims to help people live an upgraded life through sound financial planning.    

Shyamali Basu, Senior Vice-President and Head of Products &  Marketing  HDFC  AMC,  said, “HDFC  Mutual  Fund  has  unveiled  a  multi‐platform  campaign  #KyaPlanHai of HDFC Mutual Fund, which aims to connect with growing aspirations of our society.  While people aspire to upgrade their lifestyle, human brain has the tendency to prioritise instant gratification over long-term happiness. This results in habitual procrastination when it comes to investments.  As Richard Thaler puts forth in his book ‘Nudge’, ‘people have a strong tendency to go along with the status quo or default option’.  Through #KyaPlanHai, we attempt to nudge the viewers /readers to ask themselves what steps they have taken to fulfil their aspirations.”

The campaign is spearheaded by Mumbai-based Digital Agency Mirum India, a WPP group company.

Naila Patel, Executive Creative Director, Mirum India, said, “We have observed that people love inspiring stories, they connect with them at an emotional level. These mini stories will tug at people’s hearts and will teach them that all dreams can be attained. We are living in exciting times where creativity can be showcased at its best and across various platforms all at once. We are proud of the insightful work and great partnership.”

Chote ghar se Bade ghar mein upgrade karne ka #KyaPlanHai? 

Two‐wheeler se badi gaadi upgrade karne ka #KyaPlanHai? 

Kab tak local ghoomo ge? International trip ka #KyaPlanHai?

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