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FM Tadka launches Tadka Soul Studio Guest Nights

The new show aims at sparking conversation around meaningful lyrics and encouraging independent artists

Rajasthan Patrika group’s FM Tadka has launched Tadka Soul Studio Guest Nights with a view to spark conversation around meaningful lyrics and encouraging independent artists. The show was launched with legendary singer Asha Bhonsle who spoke about the voice being supreme in the song. She said that she believed singers need to convey the emotion of the lyrics through their voices to make a space in listeners’ heart and singers should always work on this aspect.

Commenting on the show, renowned lyricist Prasoon Joshi said. “The soul in modern-day music needs to be rediscovered and the trend of evaluating a success of a song through views should be thought through, quality of reviews rather than quantity of likes should be considered.”

Gaurav S Karrir, National Programming Head, FM Tadka, added, “It is these conversations about the evolution of the music industry we want to keep featuring so that the relevance of melodies and such voices are kept alive.”

Music lead Nitinn Chakraborty said, “In our daily life we have many distractions and struggle to find peace so our latest offering is apt and we will try to live up to the promise of the show being Sukoon ka Naya Address.”

Creative Lead Sufi said, “We make sure independent artist collaborations are actively pursued with a musically trained RJ and production facilities we hope to make Tadka Soul Studio the new home for melodies.”

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