Big FM makes radio accessible for the hearing-impaired community through Frequen-See

The radio station aims to reach out to the sound-deprived community of 18 million Indians

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Big FM makes radio accessible for the hearing-impaired community through Frequen-See

Big FM has launched an initiative Frequen-See to make radio accessible for the hearing-impaired community. This innovation has been brought about via a web application that has been created especially for people with a “hearing impairment. It performs real-time transcription of speech and sound to help them ‘see’ what’s being streamed live on air.

Radio as a medium has been entertaining millions of listeners globally since its inception. Through the landmark innovation of Frequen-See, Radio will now reach out to the only community which was far from its reach. To start using FREQUEN-SEE, people have to tune in to 92.7 Big FM from their radio set and access the web application from on their mobile phone. By simply placing their phone next to the radio, people will be able to read what is being narrated on their local BIG FM station in real time!

BIG FM demonstrated a first-hand experience of Frequen-see by visiting people that are under the care of Suniye Foundation in Delhi and invited students from the TEACH Foundation to their Mumbai studio. Big FM RJs showed specially-abled people how to use the tool so that they could enjoy the local Big FM radio content to their heart’s desire. A video has been created featuring RJ Dilip from Big FM Mumbai, and RJ Yogi from BIG FM Delhi which encapsulates the heartwarming experience of the hearing impaired young adults has been posted on Big FM’s social media portals.

With this innovative offering, the radio station is staying true to its philosophy of ‘Dhun Badal ke Toh Dekho’, by collectively changing the ‘dhun’ of radio in order to entertain the community with a hearing impairment.

Speaking on the launch of this innovation, a spokesperson from BIG FM said, “Though radio has always been one of the biggest mediums of entertainment for millions of people, there are about 18 million people who are hearing impaired today. For this set of audience who were not a part of the radio’s universe earlier, Big FM now brings them under one umbrella. We are extremely proud to introduce this path-breaking innovation, Frequen-See which will not only change the game of radio but will reach way beyond.”

In its mission of making Frequen-See familiar to everyone, especially the community for which it is developed; the radio station will go all out and build a 360-degree campaign around it.

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