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Republic Media Network, EbixCash join hands to present brand-integrated news studio ‘EbixCash Studio’

As a part of the strategy, breaking news, interviews, round-the-clock bulletins and customised news integrations will be delivered from the EbixCash studios, which will enable the brand to penetrate over 100 million homes

News network Republic Media Network and financial exchange disruptor EbixCash announced a brand-integrated news studio – the EbixCash Studio.

With this unique tie-up, EbixCash has partnered with the largest studio in the country with 6,000 square feet of space — a first in news television industry across the world, wherein a news channel and a brand seamlessly integrate to rebrand a studio. As a part of this strategy, breaking news, interviews, round-the-clock bulletins, and customised news integrations will be delivered from the EbixCash studios, which will enable the brand to penetrate over 100 million homes. EbixCash Studio will mark high visibility across all the platforms of Republic Media Network — Republic TV, Republic Bharat, Republic HD OTT and Republic World.

The exclusive and high-visibility opportunity ensures that the EbixCash brand will get direct and high-impact visibility each time news is presented from the EbixCash studio at Republic Media Network. The partnership is a first across the world and will change how news brands integrate with advertisers.

Republic Media Network has been at the forefront of merging technology, innovation, and high-quality content. It has now innovated to join hands with the Robin Raina-led financial disruptor EbixCash, in what promises to change the status quo across the media industry. 

With 6000 square-foot broadcasting space, Republic Media Network studios provide ample branding innovation — conducive for the brands to create breakthrough integration, which goes beyond the traditional means. Republic Media Network has ideated a straightforward method to deliver EbixCash’s brand image to potential customers, while heightening brand recognition and brand awareness.

Arnab Goswami

Arnab Goswami, Editor-in-Chief and Managing Director of Republic Media Network, said, “At Republic, we always work to break barriers and do something innovative. With the first-ever Brand Studio partnership, we are excited to bring a top-notch experience for the viewers and redefine the way the entire world sees brand partnerships.”

Robin Raina, Founder, EbixCash and Chairman and CEO of Ebix Group of Companies, said, “The seamless integration of brand and news as we join our hands with Republic is going to be the next big thing in the world of brand-media collaborations. The Brand Studio partnership takes forward our like-minded ideologies of being end-to-end players and paves way for a multitude of opportunities for the both of us. This is something that has never happened before, and we are eagerly looking forward to it.” 

Vikas Khanchandani

Vikas Khanchandani, Group CEO of Republic Media Network, said, “Republic Media Network has created the world’s first brand-integrated news studio. I am confident that what we have conceived as a brand idea will soon become an industry breakthrough. Being a technology-driven media publisher, we strive to deliver new-age experiences for our clients. Considering the large reach and high engagement of Republic Media Network, our partnership will drive immense visibility and impact for EbixCash."

EbixCash is a subsidiary of Ebix, Inc. (NASDAQ:EBIX) that today transacts $18 billion in gross merchandise value (GMV) on its platforms, besides being an end-to-end services market leader in the financial exchange industry.

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