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Mother Sparsh bets high on digital, aims to be a Rs 20-crore brand by FY 22

The organic baby care brand spends 40-60% of its marketing budget on digital. It plans to achieve its revenue target through 15 new product offerings and heavy digital marketing initiatives

Focusing majorly on digital marketing, three-year-old start-up ‘Mother Sparsh’, a manufacturer of organic baby wipes and other baby care products, aims to be a Rs 20-crore brand in the next three years. For the brand, new and innovative product offerings, along with digital initiatives, are major pillars to drive product sales and generate mass awareness.

Influencer-led marketing is the brand’s strategy for the digital medium. Mother Sparsh did a campaign with mother influencers last year, where mothers tested and reviewed the brand’s ‘99% and 98% wet wipes’ products.

At present, the brand has a revenue of Rs 3.5 crore and targets to generate Rs 5 crore by the end of FY 19-20.

Rishu Gandhi

Speaking on their marketing initiatives, Rishu Gandhi, Founder and Head, Brand Strategy, Mother Sparsh, said, “Digital marketing made customers hugely aware about our brand in the past. Our last year’s digital campaign, #FirstMomExperience, for the organic wipe segment turned out to be very fruitful. The campaign aimed at promoting our 99% water wipes product. We achieved success and sales went up more than expected. We will use the same idea to sell our upcoming products.”

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Apart from this, the brand goes for in-store branding and product sampling on e-commerce websites to market its products. The brand had tied up with Amazon, and Flipkart for product sampling and sales. “We will have more tie-ups with baby care online platforms,” said Gandhi.

According to Gandhi, the brand’s organic wipe segment fetches the maximum revenue for the brand. “The organic wet wipes segment fetched 80% of our revenue,” she said.

The brand has high hopes from its Kids Cooking Oil and expects it to be the next most in-demand product. “We expect to sell at least 2,000 bottles of Kids Oil in a month,” said Gandhi.

Last month, Mother Sparsh launched India’s first Kids Cooking Oil that has optimum levels of enriching nutrients such as Vitamin D, Omega 3 and Omega 6, and is suitable for Indian style cooking.

“The product has a blend of two oils with Vitamin A and D in it. With our research and development team, we developed oil that has high smoke point, required in Indian type of cooking. The product has a mix of two oils—rice bran and imported olive oil. There is no such product present in the market and with it, we have filled a demand gap of consumers,” she said.

Apart from the Kids Cooking Oil, the brand will add 14 products in its portfolio. After Bite Turmeric Balm, Laundry Detergent For Kids, Cocoa Butter Cream, Anti-Stretch Marks Oil, Liquid Bottle Cleanser and Baby Natural Sunscreen are some of them.

Speaking on the focus areas, Gandhi said, “Our first focus will be on giving the best to consumers. The USP of our brand is its quality; we will continue to maintain it in each of our product offering. Expanding our demographic presence is the second.”

South is the most revenue-generating market of the brand. The brand is also eyeing the Delhi-NCR areas.

“We are expanding to retail. We have placed our products in more than 500 baby care stores in Delhi-NCR and will focus on Rajasthan. We will be equally active on online sales,” said Gandhi.

According to Gandhi, the brand’s competitors are Johnson and Johnson and Himalaya, the big players in the category. The only way to beat them is to serve better quality to consumers. We are giving better quality than our competitors and that’s how we are beating them,” Gandhi says.

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