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Patrika introduces a brand logo to symbolise its rich legacy

The design of the logo has been built to reflect the core values and the essence of Patrika. With the foot line ‘Empowering Change’, the design is classic and authentic to its positioning of a powerful value-driven media house

The Patrika group recently introduced a brand logo that symbolises its rich legacy that comes with a respectable body of work behind it but relevant to modern context.

For more than six decades, Patrika has been known for its credible journalism and structured integrated campaigns and social initiatives.

The design of the logo is built to reflect the core values and the essence of Patrika. Karpur Chand Kulish, Founder of Patrika, found himself best expressed in his acquired title ‘Kulish’ and adopted it for life. The word ‘Kulish’ means a vajra, the most powerful of all weapons ordained and blessed to restore dharma and rightful life. Kulish finds its references in Puranas, Geeta, Ramayan and most other scriptures and represents the very function that Patrika as newspaper has been playing in society as a revolutionary change maker. It looks absolutely the right choice of expression of intent and soul of the brand.

Kulish is engrained in Indian ethos, as the first ever flag of freedom suggested by Sister Nivedita, disciple of Swami Vivekananda, also displayed a picture of Kulish.

The design is more classic and not yuppie. It is authentic to Patrika and its positioning of a powerful value-driven courageous media house. The foot line ‘Empowering Change’ further emphasises Patrika’s revolutionary bold stands.

Siddhartha Kothari, AMD, Rajasthan Patrika, said, “We were looking for a new image and identity, which would be more reflective of the new energies and new mindset with which we run Patrika. We strongly feel that brand is about good practices and the conviction with which the team carries the values in their day-to-day life, because ultimately it is the application of a value system and delivery of the promise that create a brand. Patrika brand is built on journalistic value system and the imagery is only to reflect the same.”

Today the group has a reach in digital that goes much beyond the print readership. It has its own satellite news channel, it is present in six states with 18 radio stations, OOH is spread across various regions and the events wing each year touches lakhs of people.

Print reaches nine states through 39 editions. More importantly, Patrika is a fully 360-degree integrated media house, with fully 360-integrated journalism, equal use of mojo and typing text for print. Patrika does not have separate journalists for separate verticals; the whole ecosystem is interwoven and fully synergised as one.

The new identity would set a new context and resolve for a more powerful organisation.


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