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Legrand India to drive growth through digital and experiential marketing

The company that offers electrical and digital building infrastructure solutions for residential, commercial, industrial and hospitality spaces, will spend 35% of its marketing spend on digital. It will also focus on experimental marketing, which is showing maximum returns

Legrand India, the company that offers electrical and digital building infrastructure solutions for residential, commercial, industrial, hospitality spaces, will focus on digital and experiential marketing along with making its products available through modern trade to drive growth this fiscal.

The company, which had recently launched a web series, will continue such initiatives to attract young customers.

Apart from these, the brand will spend heavily on retail visibility and channel programmes.

For Legrand, experiential marketing showed good impact in the past quarters.

Through digital content, Legrand aims to spread awareness to its targeted group of 20-45 years of age. The company focuses on digital content creation when it comes to marketing efforts, spending 35% of its total marketing spends on the medium.

Sameer Saxena

“Our approach to digital content marketing is distinctly crafted for different TG. We have knowledge-based series for professionals and panel builders in energy distribution segment, an infotainment TV and web series for demonstration of our home automation projects for system integrators and architects and also end consumers, expos and experiential content for data centre solutions for CXOs to promote the VDI segment, DVCs and social content for the retail-driven wiring devices segment,” said Sameer Saxena, Director Marketing, Legrand(Group) India.

For Legrand India, west and south are the strongest markets, whereas the east market is challenging.

For its flagship campaign #ComeHomeToCelebrations, the brand plans to focus on driving conversations and saliency for connected living. Technology integration will be a major aspect for this year’s campaign. “The integration will give our users a taste of connected living product offerings at Legrand India,” shared Saxena.

According to Saxena, the campaign #ComeHomeToCelebrations is built to establish and sustain the emotional connect with customers and end users through the festive season. It allows the brand platform to associate with them through regional and nationwide celebrations.

Last year, #ComeHomeToCelebrations included other festivals, starting from Ganesh Chaturthi in Maharashtra and culminated in the New Year. The essence of #ComeHomeToCelebrations has been to celebrate family bond, celebrating joy, love and enjoying it with the loved ones.

The brand rides high on personalised marketing, giving edge to its customer preferences. “At Legrand we adopt B2Me offerings. We don’t just market our product offerings, but our product offerings are highly personalised according to the evolving needs of the today’s customers,” Saxena said.

Speaking on the brand’s content marketing initiatives, Saxena, said, “With the launch of our web series Good Vibes and All In A Wink, we reached out to our customers through the SonyLiv and Good Times online portals, respectively, along with Legrand India’s YouTube Channel. The web series allowed us to create content that would interest our consumer and at the same time showcase the brand use in a real-life setting, thus enabling them to connect with the brand in an organic and an emotional way. It allowed us to come to the forefront after being part of the user’s household for over two decades and initiate a dialogue with its user.”

From the connected living range of products, the brand plans to increase its market share. Legrand will roll out its range of connected living for the masses in September this year. The brand will soon launch a connected range, Arteor with Netatmo, allowing for control using touch, swipe from anywhere and voice.

Through the connected living ranges, the brand rolled out the IoT program, ELIOT, in February. ELIOT, which stands for Electricity + Internet of Things, is a programme that aims to inject the power of communications, advances in connectivity and intelligence in the building environment and enhances value of connected products to improve user experiences. ELIOT supports the development of suitable digital infrastructures for buildings and provides interoperability

According to Saxena, IoT and interoperability are going to be big trends in the years to come. Having devices that speak to each other and are compatible with products from various brands will be the next milestone in the switches and electrical infrastructure space.

Speaking on the challenges, Saxena said, “The market for home automation is creating a big opportunity for various players rapidly, and also the IoT market. Customers have evolved and millennials are ready to use the app-based services. Although there is awareness about product availability in the market, there is lack of knowledge when it comes to installation of these home automation or IoT products. Everyone has started talking about IOT, they like the concept but the conversion ratio is very low. A general perception among consumers is that it must be difficult to install, operate and maintain.”

According to Saxena, the brand is very mindful when it comes to topical campaigns. “Our campaigns are a way of paying tribute to all our customers and we are emotionally invested in these campaigns. We do not publish content just for creating visibility,” he concluded.

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