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Five ways to monetise a blog like a pro

If you have a blog that has enough visitors coming your way, then you have to know how to make money online from blogging. Here are a few techniques

Today, we will share five amazing ways to monetise a blog. There are many ways you can make money from blogging, but these are the five most rewarding ways to monetise a blog. If you have a blog that has enough visitors coming your way, then you are ready to learn how to make money online from blogging. If not, do check out How to make a Blog for free.

Today blogging for a passive income has become quite common and many bloggers blog about their passions and hobbies and make a good income from it. There are many bloggers who have left their jobs and taken up blogging as it provides them more income. To make the most from your blog, you need to monetise your blog using different techniques. Today we will share with you how to monetise a blog.

These are the five ways you can monetise your blog like a pro:


The most common way of monetising a blog is to run ads on your blog. There are many ad networks that pay really well for advertising on blogs, Google Adsense being the biggest of them. Many people start a blog just to monetise them using Google Adsense and actually make a really good income of it. Adsense and many other ad networks pay you when a user clicks on their ads. Other ad networks that you can use to monetise your blog are media.net, infolinks and adsterra.

Affiliate marketing

Affiliate marketing means you include links of products offered by another businesses affiliate program. How affiliate marketing works is if a visitor clicks on an affiliate link from your site and ends up purchasing the product or service, you will receive an affiliate fee for the same. There are many affiliate programs available online which you can sign up for. One of the most popular one out there is Amazon associates, in which you can affiliate to any product that is sold on amazon.

Paid reviews

If you have a blog that has a decent amount of traffic and has been around for some time, then you may be approached by brands to post a review of their product on your blog for which they will pay you. Say if you have a beauty blog, many cosmetic brands offer paid reviews to bloggers in the beauty niche.

Sponsored posts

A similar concept to that of a paid review just in this case, the sponsoring brand will provide you with a post along with a backlink to their website. Many bloggers make a lot of money from providing sponsored posts on their blogs. One can find sponsored post opportunities by networking with other bloggers and marketers on social media.

Selling e-books

Another good way to make money from blogs is to sell e-books. For that you need to develop an e-book related to the content of the site. Try creating e-books on things that many people find difficult and are searching for a solution to it. Such e-book will sell like hot cakes on your blog and make you some good money. If you have a blog in which you teach your audience, then you can also sell online courses or e-books related to them.

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