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Cadbury’s print ad for ‘Unity Bar’ generates digital buzz

Published on India’s 73rd Independence Day, the ad has been conceptualised and created by Ogilvy India and conveys the spirit of unity in diversity

Mondelez’s Cadbury Dairy Milk never fails to impress with its creative communications. Over the years, the brand has launched some of the most iconic ad campaigns from ‘Kuch khaas hai hum sabhi mein’ toKuch meetha ho jaaye. Once again, the brand has launched an ad campaign to promote its newly launched ‘Unity Bar’. And surely, it succeeded in grabbing enough eyeballs.   

On August 15 this year, as India celebrated its 73rd Independence Day, readers of The Economic Times woke to a full page ad on the front page. The opening notes of the copy were written in Kannada, Telugu and Marathi languages, which people whose mother tongue or native language is none of these failed to read and understand. The following lines said: “The headline above is not a misprint. It is in Kannada/Telugu/Marathi. It says – Sweet things happen, when we unite.”

The high-point of the campaign was that Kannada headline was used in the Mumbai edition, Telugu headline in the Delhi edition and Marathi headline in the Bangalore edition to reiterate the fact that India’s uniqueness lies in its diversity and strength in unity.

Such was the impact of the ad that within no time the ad went viral on social media. People started posting pictures of the print ad on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and LinkedIn. All through the day, the brand kept on gathering praises as people from all walks of life appreciated the effort and the thought put behind the ad that has been conceptualised and created by Ogilvy India.

As part of the ongoing campaign, a digital video has also been released.


Celebrating the spirit of India’s ‘unity in diversity’, Cadbury has launched a ‘Unity Bar’. The chocolate celebrates various flavours that everyone relishes, combined into one big bar. Dark, blended, milk, and white chocolate flavours have been united in one bar, just like our country, which is a melting pot of various castes, religions, languages, cultures and food habits.

The limited-edition dessert will be available at Rs 73, as a mark of the 73rd Independence Day celebration. The product can be bought online through Flipkart and will also be available in a few selected geographies.

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